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I agree to these terms. Let me at Chichi-chan!

My parents won't let me see smut, but they do let me get mass-marketed.

I don't want to look at smut *or* corporate pablum. Let me in on the conspiracy...

Maintained by WLP Updated November 10, 2003. This site contains a blonde bombshell with enormous breasts. She and other characters lactate, suck each others' melons, finger each others' pussies, fuck each other with huge dildoes, and other weird stuff. if you aren't into huge tits, lesbian sex, H, hentai, ettchi, sukebe... why are you reading this? Because you're a robot, of course, and you can't help it, so you're going to listen to me go on about hooters, gazongas, squirting nipples, mammaries, and other adult XXX key words. Poor sweet baby. Oh, by the way, Kris Overstreet and White Lightning Productions had something to do with this page, and they sell Experiment 45-EEE and Maid Attack and X-rated comics too.