Fight! Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan! Chapter 1

"You'll Like Her When She's Angry!"

Akane looked herself over as soon as she pulled herself out of the brand-new spring. She was soaking wet and cold from her wild ride, but so far as she could tell she was still herself. Maybe the water she'd fallen into was Akaneniichuan or something. It could happen.

Unfortunately, the Jyusenkyou Guide didn't seem to be at home, and his little hut at the edge of the springs was locked. Not that it mattered; Akane doubted the fat little man would be able to get her home anyway, without her purse, without any money, without even a passport.

In fact things looked pretty bad for Akane. She was up in the mountains two-thirds of the way to Tibet, in a valley shared- or bickered over- by three different groups. First Shampoo's people, the Chinese Amazons- not likely to be friendly to a foreign girl, especially one competing with Shampoo for Ranma. Second the Musk, Prince Herb's little kingdom- even worse than the Amazons, what with the various half-beast guys so desperate for female companionship that they'd chase down, capture, and drag off anything with titties. Third the bird-people led by Saffron- um, er, -hell- no.

Unfortunately, Akane didn't know which way to walk out of the valley, presuming she -could-. Her only real option was to sit tight, wait for Ranma to rescue her, and see which of the three groups kidnapped her first.

Even as she thought this, she heard voices from the brush. Two men- more or less- trotted out towards the springs, dragging one leg each of a stunned antelope towards the springs. Their eyes lit immediately upon Akane- the eyes of a cat in one face, the eyes of a dog in the other.

Musk, Akane thought. I should have known.

"Hey! Are you a girl?" one of them shouted in badly accented Japanese at her.

Akane kept silent. Maybe, she thought, if I say nothing they will ignore me and go away.

"It -is- a girl!" the other one shouted. "I'm sure of it! Look at the way she's dressed!"


"No, no," the first one said, "that can't be a girl. She doesn't have any titties."

"WHAT?" Akane shouted. Just because she was a petite B-cup didn't mean she was flat or anything! The nerve!

"I dunno, she might have some titties hidden under that top," Dog-eye said. "Small ones, anyway."

"No, besides," Cat-eye said, "see those legs? They're thick and straight like a man's! Not all shapely like a girl's!"

"My legs are just fine!" Akane growled, getting angrier every moment.

"What about those hips?" Dog-eye said. "They're nice and wide like a girl's!"

"So he has a fat butt," Cat-eye said. "Cane has a fat butt, you don't think -he's- a girl, do you?"

"Hmm, I guess not," Dog-eye said. "Say, do girls have glowing green eyes?"

"I dunno," Cat-eye said, "I guess they could."

Akane's eyes were indeed glowing green. In fact, her mind was filled with green, the color of her rage. She wanted to smash those two stupid Musk warriors, teach them who was or wasn't a girl. the fury grew stronger, flooding her, filling her with power, blasting through her mind...

... and changing her body.

Akane's hair began to grow, running down her back, the dark tresses taking on green highlights as it curled, waved, and flowed down past her shoulders. The sleeves of her blouse began to grow tight as mucles clenched in her arms and legs, swelling larger, thicker, and yet more shapely with every moment.

A deep moan escaped Akane's lips as her clothes grew ever tighter on her body. The straps of her shoes snapped as her growing feet stretched the cheap leather out of shape, the socks sliding down her calves. The waist of her skirts began to pop, releasing the hem of her blouse to ride slowly up her hardening stomach. Even her panties shifted, rubbing against her crotch as her hips and butt swelled with muscle, sliding up between her asscheeks.

Akane groaned again, reaching up to grab her own breasts, scarcely noticing the explosive rips as her biceps shredded her sleeves, noticing not at all the green tint flowing through her skin. She could feel her breasts growing under her hands, the nipples hardening, the bra-hooks giving way as her expanding rib cage pushed them up, as muscle and fat built to turn the small but firm mounds into ever-larger spheres pressing against her blouse.

With a roar Akane ripped apart her shirt, its back splitting even as her hands freed the ever-swelling mammaries from confinement. Her skin had become a deep emerald green now, matching the fading glow of her eyes. She could feel the heat in her chest flowing down to her crotch, and she gasped with pleasure as panties and skirt gave way, leaving her naked, standing over seven feet tall, a tower of muscle, collossal boobs standing out over a tight belly and round, shapely hips.

She took a few deep breaths as the transformation ended, flexing her arms experimentally, glorying in the rage, power, and arousal flooding her. Akane could never feel like this. Akane was weak, frightened, stupid, scared of her own sexuality. But She was strong, unafraid, ready to face anything.

She wasn't Akane... but who was she? She needed a name of her own. She looked down at her muscular body, the huge arms, the huger boobs, the deep green flawless skin. The name 'Hulk' rang in her befogged memory... no, that wasn't quite right. She-Hulk? No, that sounded stupid, but...

Hulk-chan. Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan. Yes, that was her name. Hulk-chan would fight off all those false fiancees and take Ranma for her own. Akane was too scared to admit her love, but Hulk-chan wasn't! She would take Ranma away from Akane and make her her own!

"Look, she has titties after all!" Dog-eye shouted. "Great big titties!"

But first Hulk-chan would knock some sense into stupid Musk warriors.

The bruised, battered bodies of two Musk warriors lay on the earth near the edge of the Sorrowful Pools, the Cursed Training Grounds of the Springs of Jyusenkyo. A safe distance away, an antelope browsed on the bushes and waggled its ears in silent laughter. Aside from the antelope and each other, the Musk were alone.

"I never knew girls could be so painful."

"Shut up."

"I don't think your arm is supposed to bend like that."

"Shut up."

"Maybe you shouldn't have squeezed her titties like that."

"Shut up shut up shut UP!"

"I wish I'd had a chance to touch her titties."

"I wish you had too. Now SHUT UP!"

"We need to tell Prince Herb about this."

"... I wish you hadn't said that."

It is worth noting here that Japan's attitude regarding the Incredible Hulk was substantially different than the United States'.

The Hulk first appeared in the United States in the middle of a top-secret weapons development base in the middle of nowhere. This put their relationship- the Hulk and the military- on entirely the wrong foot from the start, to the point that although the Hulk had saved the world, America, and various cities and towns many times over, he was still hunted and feared by the American military.

Japan, on the other hand, already had a green monster to contend with, and truth be told even the Hulk didn't really compare to Godzilla. Godzilla was the undisputed king of monsters as far as Japan was concerned, and when he wasn't busy destroying Tokyo Tower he was fighting other monsters, alien invasions, and even the demons that plagued Japan on a regular basis. All of this left Godzilla loved as sort of a national mascot. (What Godzilla thinks of that has never been recorded.)

In short, Japan didn't have the same fear and hatred of the Hulk as the USA had. In fact they were inclined to be somewhat tolerant of the Hulk and similar beings. They certainly didn't deploy massive firepower trying to stop the Hulk, because that firepower was more likely to hurt civilians than to do any actual good.

This explains half of Hulk-chan's reception when she returned to Japan.

The other half of the explanation involves the fact that, although she was about as strong as the original Hulk, Hulk-chan had no experience in traveling long distances in single bounds. She had made excellent progress across China, alarming the Revolutionary Army no end, but her attempt to cross the Sea of Japan at a jump fell considerably short.

Thus, Hulk-chan did not drop from the skies at sunset as she had intended, but instead waded out of the surf in the moonlight, soaking wet and utterly naked except for a pair of much-overstretched and filthy white socks. She was greeted not by a tank column and attack helicopters, but by a single JSDF officer with a clipboard and flashlight, who didn't bat an eye at Hulk-chan's size, color or nudity.

"Excuse me," he said, walking up to the emerald giantess. "I'd like to welcome you to Japan, if you could just answer a few questions."

"Get that light out of my face, shorty," Hulk-chan said, "I've had a very bad trip."

"Please, just a moment, ma'am," the officer insisted. "Your name, please?"

"I am the mighty warrior of love and justice, Sexy Warrior Hulk-chan!"

"Very nice pose."

"Thank you. Now move."

"What is your destination within Japan?"

"Nerima ward, Tokyo."

Ah, the officer thought, one of those people. She'll fit right in. "What is your business in Nerima?"

Hulk-chan grinned with undisguised glee. "Matrimony."

Yep, the officer thought, she'll definitely fit right in. "On behalf of the Emperor and the Japanese Self Defense Forces I welcome you to Japan. The Emperor asks that you refrain from destroying cities unless you absolutely cannot avoid it. Thank you."

"That's it?" Hulk-chan gasped. She'd expected... well... more of a reception.

The officer stepped aside. "Feel free to enjoy our great cultural heritage and fine tourist facilities," he added.

Hulk-chan grumbled, then leapt skyward again, leaving the officer to remove his hat and wipe his forehead in relief. This done, he flicked on his walkie-talkie and said, "Captain? Ogawa here. I wouldn't worry about this one, she's going to Nerima. That's right, Nerima. That's right, she. Yes, I'm sure. No doubt in my mind. You might want to tell Metro to order another three Tokyo Towers for the warehouse, just in case..."

Akane woke in her bed, groaning at the sounds of shouting from downstaies. She'd had the most horrible dream, every muscle in her body ached, and she smelled... salty?

Akane sat up bolt upright, looking down at her naked body- she never went to bed without nightclothes! She touched her skin, feeling the salt and grit of dried ocean water- wasn't that long swim only a dream? She noted the window shoved roughly back in place, the wooden frame splintered from where it had been pushed entirely in, broken out of the wall intact.

It wasn't a dream.

Akane tried to remember what had happened, and only fragments came back to her. Clinging to that huge green foreigner as they flew through the air... pulling herself out, gasping for air, from a spring at Jyusenkyo... those two Musk idiots, and how angry they made her... flying, swimming, a bright light, an oni flying through the air beside her...

Akane gave up. She couldn't make any sense of it at all. Bathrobe- on. Sheets- stripped for washing. Towel, change of clothes, bath soap- done. It was a new day, and she would begin it with a proper bath.

The shouting stopped as soon as Akane's bedroom door opened. She noticed, a little nervously, everyone staring at her- her sisters, Ranma, her father and Uncle Genma, even Ryouga was there. Ranma and Ryouga had large packs beside them- they were about to leave to rescue me, Akane thought, that's what the shouting was about.

"AKANE!" Soun Tendo erupted into tears- he did that a lot- and rushed up the stairs to embrace Akane. "It's a miracle! You've returned to your poor lonely-"


Stepping over her stunned father, Akane grumbled, "I'm only saying this once. I don't know how I got back, I don't remember what happened, and I'd like to forget the whole thing ever happened. I just want a nice hot bath."

"Oh my," Kasumi gasped, and Akane flinched. That monster's thrashings yesterday must have knocked out the hot water... "I'm afraid I haven't cleaned the bathroom since yesterday," the oldest Tendo sister said. "Are you sure you can't wait until later?"

"Positive," Akane said, relieved. "We do have hot water, right?"

"Yes," Kasumi nodded, "but I really think-"

"Then the bathroom is mine," Akane said, stepping into the bath and slamming the door behind her.

Nabiki eyed the bathroom door with grave suspicion. Akane had flown off clinging to a huge green man wearing nothing but badly ripped and overstretched trousers. She, and the giant, had last been seen bounding through the stratosphere in a general southwestern direction, towards deepest China. Ranma and Ryouga had been about to go off to find Akane- and had been arguing about who would lead who- when Akane appeared from her room, as if nothing had happened.

Except something had happened. Obviously. Akane looked like hell, she was wearing a bathrobe that hadn't fit since junior high, and she had... stuff... sticking to her skin. Nabiki hadn't had a good look at it, but she didn't think you got crud like that from a rough night's sleep.

Akane was covering something up... and the thing she couldn't stand, which annoyed her only slightly less than giving up money, was not being in on a secret.

It was no trouble at all for Nabiki to let herself into Akane's room. She noticed the damage around the window, especially what looked suspiciously like finger grip marks around the frame. That damage couldn't have come from the monster- the dojo, and the damaged parts of the house, were on the opposite side.

Nabiki found the sheets from Akane's bed and examined them. She sniffed at the strong odor of sea-salt encaked on the fabric. Wherever Akane had been, she'd gotten a dunking. But how had she got back home- and into her room- without anyone noticing?

The contractors arrived, and Nabiki had to go downstairs for a few minutes to work out the details of repairing the house and rebuilding the dojo. As usual, it would cost a fortune, but it would be done as quickly as humanly possible. The money would come from somewhere- there was no shortage of sheep willing to be fleeced, starting with the Kunos, the Amazons, and Ukyo Kunoji.

That done, she was able to get back to Akane's room long before her little sister finished her leisurely soak. She even had time to put Akane's sheets in the washing machine, thus preventing Kasumi from knowing anything. Akane, clean and freshly dressed in a yellow jumper, found Nabiki reading a book, lounging back on Akane's bed, looking smug and secure as ever.

"What are you doing in here?" Akane snapped.

"Waiting for the straight dope on your little trip yesterday," Nabiki said. "You can't hold out on me, you know that."

For a moment, Akane looked annoyed, and Nabiki worried that she might actually have to do some digging. Then the younger Tendo sighed and said, "How much to keep this a secret?"

"That depends on what it is," Nabiki said. "You're going to have to trust me." When Akane snorted her disbelief of that, she added, "All right, three thousand yen for me to warn you before I tell anyone else." Three thousand was as much as Akane was likely to have in reach, and Nabiki raised an eyebrow when she went to her purse, emptied it, and barely managed to scrape together the amount from spare change.

"There," said Akane. "Now you don't tell anyone without warning me."

"Sure," Nabiki nodded. Of course, all that meant was she had to give, oh, five seconds' warning. An easy three thousand yen.

"The truth is," Akane said, "that I really don't know what happened, but I had this strange dream... or something... that I can't remember clearly." She described her flight clinging to the Hulk, how the startled JASDF jet had fired, how she'd passed out in the cold, thin air at high altitude.

From there she described disjointed bits of dream, how she sprang out of one of the springs at Jyusenkyou, how two Musk warriors she didn't recognize talked about her, how angry she'd felt... then a sensation of flying through the air, swimming, seeing strange things...

"And this morning I woke up in bed, sticky and smelly, with no idea how I'd got that way," Akane finished. "And that's all I know."

Nabiki mulled this over carefully. Akane probably didn't know anything more, but then in Nabiki's opinion she was the only intelligent member of the combined Tendo-Saotome group. And certain aspects of the 'dreams' didn't seem quite right. Akane remembered too much, in Nabiki's opinion, for it to be just a dream... and then, of course, there was that salt water.

"I'll be right back," Nabiki said, rolling to her feet and stepping out for a moment. When she returned, she carried two glasses- only three had survived the previous day's chaos. One of them, full of hot water, she dumped on Akane immediately, leaving the younger girl wet and angry.

"What did you do THAT for?" Akane shouted.

"Just checking something," Nabiki said, dumping the glass of cold water on Akane next. Again, Akane remained unchanged, except for a slight flush of color in her cheeks.

"Well?" Akane asked.

"Well, it looks like you didn't land in Jyusenkyo after all," Nabiki said.

"Of course I didn't!" Akane crossed her arms and turned her face away from Nabiki. "It was all a stupid dream!"

"Of course, it's a shame," Nabiki purred. "You could have jumped into the Spring of Drowned Man. Then you'd be a perfect match for Ranma!"

"WHAT??" Akane shouted. "That's SICK! Why should I want to be like that sick crossdressing pervert??" Her eyes flashed a brilliant green, and Nabiki noticed Akane beginning to tremble on her feet.

"Akane, are you all right?"

"Nothing's... wrong... with..." Akane wasn't able to finish the sentence. He whole body shook as her glowing eyes closed, as her hands clenched into fists, her muscles all tense and twitching. Nabiki watched with interest as her younger sister's hair began to flow, growing longer and fuller, taking on a distinctive green tint.

Akane's growls turned into groans, then deep moans, of pleasure. Nabiki's heart raced as she watched the leg-cuffs of Akane's jumper crawl up from her ankles... no, her legs were growing longer, she could see her thighs filling up the fabric. Akane's arms and shoulders were also growing, drawing the yellow jumper tight against her pale skin. With every movement Nabiki could see the bulges of Akane's muscles pressing out, stretching her clothes tighter and tighter.

Akane stood up straighter, already at least six feet tall, stretching upwards with her arms. Rips ran through her sleeves as Akane's arms burst out, muscle building thicker and thicker on her entire body. A moment later, similar rips began running up the seams of the jumper's pants legs, as both legs and ass grew beyond the ability of cloth to hold.

The front of Akane's rapidly disintegrating jumper began to bulge outwards. Even as rips ran up the back, burst open by her growing torso, two rising mounds of flesh pressed more and more insistently at the front, each topped by smaller bumps that looked fit to rip through the thick cloth all by themselves. Akane's breasts grew beyond Shampoo's D-cups, beyond Ranma-chan's generous double-Ds, and soon reached dimensions Nabiki usually associated only with sports equipment.

The zipper of the jumper ran down the front; with a loud series of pops it began to give way, torn apart by the broadening shoulders and inflating boobs of its wearer. To Nabiki's shock, the deep, cavernous cleavage the disintegrating zipper revealed was green, light green and growing greener by the moment. When the garment finally gave way, releasing those immense firm hooters to spring out, she noticed the nipples were a darker shade of green, closely matching the transformed Akane's lips.

With a snarl the creature that had been Akane ripped off the remnants of her clothing. For a moment she ignored Nabiki, rubbing the incredibly tight panties wedged against her mons so tight that Nabiki couldn't avoid seeing every detail. Then, just as Nabiki was about to do something like scream or run, the towering green figure looked at her and said, in a deep, angry, un-Akane voice, "What do you want?"

"Er, Akane," Nabiki said nervously, "I was just talking with you about-"

A green hand grabbed Nabiki's blouse, and the middle Tendo found herself held up off the floor, staring into light green eyes totally unlike Akane's brown eyes. "Get this straight now," the creature said, "I am -not- Akane. Akane's some scared little bully, weak, cowardly and too ashamed to admit the truth about herself... or anything."

The creature dropped Nabiki and stood up as tall as possible, her head just missing the ceiling above. She thrust out her chest and said, "Besides, Akane doesn't have a rack like this, does she?" She turned around, showing off a butt so round and firm that the back of her panties absolutely vanished between crotch and waistband. "Bet she doesn't have as fine an ass as this, either?"

"Oooooooo... kay," Nabiki said, not wanting to commit just yet one way or the other. "If you're not Akane, then who are you?"

"I am the voluptuous warrior of love and justice!" the creature shouted. "I shall right wrongs and triumph over false fiancees- because Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan is the strongest one there is!

"And furthermore," Hulk-chan added, "I'm going to make Ranma mine!"

Nabiki stared in shock, but already the wheels of her mind were beginning to turn. The possibilities flooded her mind. Her little sister changed into a huge green bombshell when she got angry! Think of the photo sales! Think of the information sales! Think of...

... think of the cops. Think of the military. Think of the property damage. A sexy female Hulk would generate a lot of enemies, especially if Hulk-chan meant it about claiming Ranma for herself. And if Hulk-chan destroyed the Ginza, and the zaibatsu found out she was really Akane Tendo...

"Hulk-chan," Nabiki said quickly, "you do know that you share a body with Akane, right?"

The suggestion seemed to make Hulk-chan a little angry. Nabiki's first clue was how Hulk-chan picked her up and slammed her against the wall. "What did you say?" Hulk-chan snarled.

"Think about it," Nabiki said, trying to keep her voice steady. "I bet you can't remember what you were doing five minutes ago, right? When Akane gets angry, you take over. I guess when you go to sleep or something, she gets control back, I don't know... but even if your body changes, it's still the same body, right?"

"Grrr, I don't -like- thinking," Hulk-chan said, but she did lower Nabiki back to the floor. "But you're right. I can't seem to remember much... I was -here-, I know that..." To Nabiki's amazement Hulk-chan seemed to get a little larger, more muscular... yes, even bustier, that Nabiki found impossible to ignore... as she got angrier. "So that wimp Akane's inside me, is she?"

Nabiki decided not to say that she thought Hulk-chan was just Akane high on some sort of power trip. Obviously the change messed with Akane's mind, but quite frankly any change would be an improvement... "Something like that, yes."

"Well, I'm going to get her out!" Hulk-chan picked up a lamp from Akane's dresser and slammed it over her head. The lamp shattered, but Hulk-chan didn't even blink. "That didn't work," the green giantess said, "maybe I need something heavier."

"I don't think it's going to be that easy," Nabiki said. "But until we find a way, you must keep this absolutely secret. You can't let anyone see you changing back to Akane. I'll tell Akane to not let anyone see her change into you. Understand?"

"What, you think I want people to know?" Hulk-chan barked. "Of COURSE I'm going to keep it secret! I wish I didn't know Akane shared my body! Yuck! How humiliating!" She looked down at her boobs, cradling them in her hands. "To think these will shrink down to Akane's flat chest... rrrrrrr!!"

Nabiki decided it was time to change the subject. "I want to get some measurements," she said.

"Yeah, that's a great idea!" Hulk-chan said, cheering up immediately. "I can have cards printed up! 'Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan, villains defeated, buildings destroyed, measurements 250-60-95!' That'd be cool!"

Nabiki didn't think Hulk-chan's waist was only sixty centimeters, not when Akane's was sixty-five... and not even those huge boobs could measure 250 centimeters, that'd be about Hulk-chan's -height.- Still, it bought a few minutes of time, during which Nabiki hoped Hulk-chan might calm down enough to change back to Akane.

No such luck. She returned with two sewing tape measures to discover Hulk-chan as large as ever, lying on Akane's bed and feeling herself up while looking at a picture of Ranma. "It's about time you got back," Hulk-chan said, "if you'd taken any longer I was going to go find Ranma and show him what he's been missing all his life."

"Sorry," Nabiki muttered, and with much stretching and reaching she managed to get the main measurements. Waist measurement was easy. The hip measurement just barely fell within the reach of one 150-centimeter tape. The bust and rib measurements, however, required the use of both tapes and Hulk-chan's help. The bust measurement didn't come close to the absurd 250 centimeters, but when Nabiki took the difference between bust and chest measurements, divided it by two, and converted it to cup size, the resulting answer meant that the custom bra-maker would have to invent new letters for the Romanji kana.

Not that Hulk-chan needed support; Nabiki smirked wryly at how those green 'headlamps' stood out firm and free.

"Well?" Hulk-chan said, her patience sorely tried by the groping and stretching of tape. "What is it?"

Nabiki couldn't say it out loud. And here she'd thought that she had a respectable figure. She wrote down the numbers and handed the paper to Hulk-chan, who actually giggled with delight. "Nobody can resist a figure like this!" she squealed.

"Anyway, now I can use these numbers to get some clothes made for you," Nabiki said, writing down a second copy for her own reference.

"Clothes?" Hulk-chan asked. "What do I need clothes for?" She yanked off the ultra-tight panties from her crotch and tossed them at Nabiki. "They hurt and they get in the way! Besides," she grinned, "I want people to see every inch of this magnificent body."

Such a wonderful self-image, Nabiki thought. "I'm going to get you -sexy- clothes," she said out loud, "stuff that'll show off your body while making Ranma even more anxious to see what's under them. Think how great a nice teddy would look on you."

"Hey, that's right!" Hulk-chan said. "Or a corset, a corset with a matching thong bottom, that'd be so cool!"

More importantly, Nabiki thought, they could fit under Akane's normal clothes so that her big little sister wouldn't give everyone around a free show... and, if she could manage it, she'd get outfits like Miss Hinako's, which looked different from form to form but fit (more or less) both large and small sizes. That way, people wouldn't chase Hulk-chan and find Akane naked or wearing only suspicious-looking rags...

"I can't wait to tell Ranma!" Hulk-chan was already opening the door... Nabiki had a fleeting impulse to put herself between Hulk-chan and the doorway, to stop her big little sister from revealing herself to the others.

Then she saw how much trouble Hulk-chan had squeezing through the Western-style door, her broad shoulders brushing against the doorframe as she ducked to let her head pass through. Despite the tight squeeze, Hulk-chan didn't slow down... and Nabiki decided, then and there, never to put herself between Hulk-chan and anyplace she cared to go.

Thank goodness her face looks different enough like this, Nabiki thought, that you can't tell it's Akane. The additional muscle and bone had reshaped Akane's face as the rest of her body, but rather than give her a brutish appearance, the changes left her quite beautiful; a strong, but shapely, face.

I just hope nobody sees her coming from Akane's room... if she makes a habit of changing here, she'll need a way in and out other than the door... Nabiki's eyes returned to the window. It needs to be fixed anyway... I'll just give some special instructions...

Nabiki heard something fall downstairs. Whoops- damage control time! Heart in her throat, she raced from the room, hoping Hulk-chan hadn't done something stupid...

Hulk-chan, for her own part, lucked out. Ranma and Ryouga were the only ones in the remains of the living room, and neither of them saw Hulk-chan on the stairs. Neither of them saw much of anything aside from each other, of course; they were arguing. Again.

"I can't believe you're so cruel," Ryouga shouted, "as to ignore Akane's pleas for help!"

"She said she didn't wanna talk about it," Ranma replied. "You think I wanna go up there and get clobbered? She doesn't want my help!"

"That's what she says!" Ryouga replied. "But Akane's a proud woman. On the outside she doesn't want any help, but under that proud exterior there's a fragile heart crying out for comfort after a traumatic experience! She needs a strong man to comfort her!"

"Or a wimpy little pig?"


"Why don't you go off and find that weird girl in the short skirt from yesterday?" Ranma snarled.

"I don't know who she is!!" Ryouga threw up his hands in affronted innocence. "She looks a little like a nice girl I knew from junior high, but that's all!"

"I bet she's crying out inside for someone to comfort her," Ranma smirked, "why don't you go comfort -her-, P-Chan!"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!!" Ryouga shouted, swinging a fist forward in a wild punch, easily dodgable. Ranma, smirking, leaned back to avoid the haymaker... and felt his head bump up against something hard... well, mostly hard, something distinctly smooshable brushed over the top.

A huge green hand flashed forward over Ranma's shoulder and caught Ryouga's punch effortlessly. Ryouga tried to pull his fist back, but the grasping hand didn't budge despite Ryouga's strongest efforts... which didn't last long, as Ryouga's eyes widened, rolling up, and up, and up.

Ranma stepped forward, turning to see who or what had caught the punch. His eyes met a wall of green; looking down, a hard, flat abdomen led to wide, shapely hips and powerful, elegantly curved legs, all covered only by the tiny, wild patch of hair just at the junction of leg and hip. Ranma quickly raised his gaze up, beholding the broad shoulders, massive arms, and huge... HUGE... tracts of land... er...

Eyes. Green eyes. Yeah, that couldn't possibly be bad to look at, even if they were angry-looking eyes.

Those eyes were staring at Ryouga. A voice, deep but feminine, filled with barely restrained anger, said, "You're cute, Ryouga... but if you pick on my Ranma again I will smash you. Understand?"

Ryouga responded by spouting a stream of blood from his nose, rolling his eyes all the way back in his head, and passing out cold. THUMP.

"I'll take that as a 'no,'" the huge naked green woman grumbled. "Shame to hurt the sweet guy, but..."

"Um, excuse me," Ranma muttered, "but..."

"OH!" the green woman said. "Ranma, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to ignore you!" Ranma found himself picked up effortlessly, felt those huge green arms wrap around him and hug him tightly. He could feel those huge bare breasts squishing slightly against his own chest, see those green eyes staring lovingly down into his own.

He didn't know whether to be scared, aroused, or embarrassed. Certain other parts of him had their own opinion, but he couldn't help that.

"Hulk-chan!" Nabiki stepped around the green woman, tapping her arm lightly. "You're scaring him!"

"Oh, my sweet Ranma isn't scared of anything, is he?" Hulk-chan cooed, snugging Ranma a little bit tighter.

Ranma shook his head in agreement. Ranma Saotome didn't scare, even if the sexiest woman he'd ever seen was squeezing the life out of him...

"Well, then you're suffocating him," Nabiki said.

"Oops! Sorry, don't know my own strength yet," Hulk-chan said, letting Ranma back to the ground. Ranma wasn't badly out of breath, but his ribs still hurt a bit from that hug.

"That's okay," he said, "but who are you?" He was sure he didn't know any women strong enough to stop one of Ryouga's punches without any effort.

"You don't know me?" Hulk-chan looked sincerely hurt for a moment, then brightened. "But you've never seen me, have you? Not -really,- I mean!" She straightened up to her full ceiling-brushing height and stepped into a flexing pose that sent her chest to wobbling and showed off everything possible to anyone who wanted to look. "I am Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan! I fight for love and justice!" She leaned down to look directly into Ranma's eyes (which Ranma couldn't keep from staring at that tremendous cleavage- jeez, did this woman have to show off everything?). "And I love you, Ranma Saotome."

"Urk?" Ranma choked.

"Oh boy, here we go," Nabiki grumbled.

"I want to make wild hot nuki-nuki with you, Ranma," the green goddess said, leaning ever closer to Ranma. "I want to feel your mighty rod filling me up. I want to feel your kisses on my bosom. I want to be yours for the rest of our lives..." In a husky whisper, her lips only inches from Ranma's stunned expression, she finished, "Let's go make some babies, lover."

Nabiki started counting down. "Three, two, one-"

"Oh, my son is so MANLY!"

Both Ranma and Hulk-chan stiffened, standing up straight in shock as they turned to see the adults, all of them, watching with deep interest. Nodoka Saotome, in particular, was dancing back and forth, waving victory flags with the Rising Sun riding triumphant on the folded paper. "My son has so MANY women! And such a specimen! Think of the big, strong, green grandchildren!!"

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Soun Tendo wailed, the waterworks on full-force. "Now the schools will never be joined! Ranma's going to betray my daughter! WOE, WOE, WOE!!"

"Boy, how DARE you put aside your family obligations to dally with this- this- very nice young lady!" Genma's tone changed abruptly at a single deadly glance from those green eyes.

"Oh my!" Kasumi said. "Are we going to have another for dinner? I'd better put some more rice on!"

While Ranma's brain struggled to cope, and Hulk-chan became more confused (and, by consequence, angry), Nabiki rubbed her temples and mumbled, "I knew it." There she stood, with her sister standing big, green, naked, and possibly split-personality in what remained of the Tendo living room... having just declared both her love and lust for Ranma in no uncertain terms... with every member of the Tendo and Saotome families hearing only the part which would cause the most trouble.

Nabiki just knew the damage wasn't complete yet. The other fiancees- Shampoo, Ukyo, even that nut Kodachi- had to show up and demolish the other half of the house.

"Nihao! Ranma, you take I on- Aiyah!!"


"Ranma! Why you is with huge green monster woman?"

"Ranma, time for lun- what the HELL is that?"

"Oh, Ranma-sama! Your beloved Kodachi has arrived to deliver you from- EEEEEEEEK!"

Okay, so it's not all bad...

Hulk-chan smiled down at the three other Ranma-chasers. "How convenient! You're all here! Now I can tell you what I told that flatchested bitch Akane!"

Attagirl, Nabiki thought, defense in depth.

"I am Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan," the towering green woman said, striking yet another pose that made Ranma's nose bleed a little and caused even the fiancees to blush. (Ryouga regained consciousness briefly, raised his head off the floor, got an eyeful of Hulk-chan's assets, and passed right back out again.) "I exist to defend the helpless and protect love, justice, and hot gooey sex with my Ranma!"



"Of course my Ranma," Hulk-chan said. "I love Ranma with all my heart. And since I'm obviously the woman best suited to be Ranma's wife-"

"Why you think you best suited?"

"Because," Hulk-chan growled, picking up a large support member from the pile of wreckage that represented the south wall, "I'm the sexiest, I'm the smartest, I have the most love... and because Hulk-chan is the strongest woman there is!" The thick, heavy wood crumbled to toothpicks in her hands.

"Oh-hohohohohohoho!" Kodachi laughed derisively. "How absurd that a misshapen subhuman monster like you could ever be a suitable match for my Ranma-sama! Only one such as myself can provide the proper breeding and culture suitable for such a noble specimen of manhood! OH-HOHOHOHOHO!"

Nabiki gulped as Hulk-chan suddenly grew another few inches, muscles bulging, curves... curving, head brushing the ceiling. "I don't like that laugh," Hulk-chan snarled. "Get lost before you get smashed."

"You want fight? Suits Shampoo just fine!"

"Hold on, Ranma-honey, we'll save you from this monster!"

Ukyo and Shampoo slid back beside Kodachi, weapons at the ready. Kodachi pulled out her gymnastics ribbon and held it taut before her. Shampoo's bonbori appeared in her hands- I have got to ask where she keeps those, Nabiki thought- as Ukyo drew her combat spatula from her back.

"Bring it on!" Hulk-chan roared. "I'll deal with you just like I dealt with Akane!"

"Big talk from green woman with fake tits," Shampoo sniped back.

"WHAT?" Hulk-chan stepped forward, arms bulging with muscle as she prepared to smack Shampoo into next Thursday. "I'll show you up CLOSE how real they are- and it'll be the LAST THING YOU SEE!"

"WAIT a minute!" Nabiki shouted.

Hulk-chan paused in the act of pulling back her fist. "WHAT?" she snarled.

"I just wanted to point out," Nabiki said quietly, "that any further damage to this house will be billed to the four of you, equally... in full."

Three out of four fiancees recommend Ice Queen Nabiki's threats for postponing extreme violent mayhem (used regularly after meals). Shampoo, Ukyo, and even Kodachi gulped as they imagined just how painful Nabiki could make their lives in the pursuit of such debts.

"Ah... Shampoo prefer fight in open anyway," Shampoo muttered.

"There is a decided lack of room for my superior skills here," Kodachi agreed.

Ukyo said nothing; she just climbed over the debris into the yard, followed by the other two fiancees.

Hulk-chan, on the other hand, just turned to face Nabiki. "Don't ever get in my way, Nabiki," she growled.

"I don't care who you fight, Hulk-chan," Nabiki said, "but if you damage our house, you will pay for it... one way or another."

Hulk-chan snarled one more time, but even she understood how tough Nabiki could make things for her... especially if she revealed her shameful secret. She followed the other fiancees out into the yard, growling, "All right, so I have more room to throw you puny girls around!" she shouted. "Who wants some?"

"Leave it to me," Kodachi said, spinning her ribbon around into a spiral. The black ribbon spun like a living thing, rippling, swirling- and then snapping out to grab Hulk-chan's wrist. The rest of the ribbon curled around the jade giantess, binding her from bosom to knees.

"This is my patented kevlar-titanium weave battle ribbon," Kodachi said. "No opponent can break its bonds! You are now entirely at my mercy! OH-HOHOHOHOHOHOHO-oh?" Kodachi's horrible laugh ended abruptly as she saw Hulk-chan flexing her muscles under the fabric, until with an ear-shattering roar she ripped through the reinforced ribbon, sending scraps of it showering to the grass.

"Who is at whose mercy?" Hulk-chan snarled.

"I have seriously underestimated your monstrous strength," Kodachi said quietly. "Please take these flowers as a gesture of my apology!" From nowhere Kodachi produced a boquet of black roses, throwing them into Hulk-chan's arms. Hulk-chan had time for only a single confused glance at the flowers before a spray of sleeping gas erupted from beneath the flowers. The cloud of gas engulfed Hulk-chan's head, and once more Kodachi laughed triumphantly.

"OH-HOHOHOHOHOHO!! Good night, my monstrous rival! Now nothing shall stand between me and my beloved-"

Hulk-chan's lungs filled with air, her bare bosom surging forward atop her inflating rib cage as she inhaled the entire cloud of knockout gas. A moment later, she expelled all that air, the blast of air knocking Kodachi into the garden wall. What the impact began, the secondhand gas completed, and Kodachi slumped limply to the ground, snoring almost immediately.

"Grr, even her snoring is annoying," Hulk-chan growled. She stepped forward to dispose of Kodachi (there was a dumpster on the other side of the wall which would do just fine) when something slammed into her head hard enough to make her flinch. She spun around to see Shampoo return to the ground, one of her bonbori badly dented.

"Ha! Monster Tit Woman too too stupid forget about Shampoo! Shampoo smarter than stupid Monster Tit Woman!" Shampoo grinned.

Hulk-chan lunged forward, shouting, "At least I'm smart enough not to talk in the third person!!" Shampoo was caught by surprise by Hulk-chan's speed, and she was barely able to roll with a series of punches that would otherwise have sent her to dreamland, if not the hospital.

Hulk-chan continued to drive Shampoo backwards across the yard, deflecting the Chinese Amazon's club blows, landing glancing but telling shots of her own on Shampoo's arms, chest and stomach. Finally Shampoo's heel bumped against the ring of stones surrounding the koi pond, and she began to topple backwards, her body already bracing for the Jyusenkyo curse's activation...

Hulk-chan grabbed Shampoo's dress-front, holding the Amazon just short of the water. Her long purple hair already lay in the cold pond, slapping against Shampoo's back as Hulk-chan lifted her up to chest level.

"Now, kitty," Hulk-chan smirked, "what was that about fake breasts?"

"Those no can be real," Shampoo said quietly. Dropping her bonbori, she reached forward and, to the shock of everyone watching, gave the twin green tetons a grope. (Several gropes, really- Hulk-chan's breasts took up far too much acreage for a single grope to cover the territory.) Then, when she couldn't believe what she felt, she gave a second and third squeeze. "Firm... but soft... aiyah, they ARE real!"

"AHEM," Hulk-chan growled, lifting Shampoo a little higher. "That feels really good, and I wouldn't mind you doing that to me under other circumstances... but those belong to my Ranma!"

"You hear that, Ranma?" Nabiki smirked. "The only pair in town bigger than yours, and you get to play with 'em."

Ranma, blushing deeply, said nothing.

"So," Hulk-chan said, "if you want to play with my tits, you ask my darling Ranma's permission first!"

"But Shampoo-"

"And in the meantime," Hulk-chan snarled, "CHILL OUT!" With that she let go of Shampoo, who- KER-SPLASH!- fell into the koi pond, crawling out again as a small, soaked purple-furred kitten.

"And now," Hulk-chan growled, "for you, Ms. Cute Fiancee."

"Wait a minute," Ukyo added, stepping back from the oncoming green titaness, "what was that about asking Ranma's permission to fool around with you?"

Hulk-chan stopped, blinking in surprise at the question. "Um, I mean that anyone that wants to do the dirty with me has to ask my Ranma for permission. If he wants to keep me to himself, well, you and Nihao Kitty are out of luck."

(Meanwhile, Nihao Kitty- um, Shampoo- trotted towards Ranma, only to be foiled by the quick, gentle hands of Kasumi, much to Ranma's relief.)

"So if Ranma wants to share you, you're okay with that?" Ukyo asked.

"Well, I guess, yeah," Hulk-chan said. "I mean, there aren't that many guys I want. I'd rather that Ranma was my only guy, and can you blame me? Look at that muscle!" Ranma tried to shrink down a bit. "Look at that face." Ranma bowed his head. "And look at that bulge in his pants!! He's gotta be at least twenty centimeters -easy!-" Ranma, blushing deeply, adjusted his pants frantically, trying to ignore all the people staring at him.

"Who would want any more man than that?" Hulk-chan grinned. "But Shampoo, and maybe you, yeah, I wouldn't mind if Ranma said you could play with me." She leaned forward, jogging her hips deliberately to send her bust bouncing and jiggling. "Why? You like what you see?"

"That's not why I asked," Ukyo said, sidestepping the subject. "What if we asked you if we could fool around with Ranma?"

"Um... what?" Hulk-chan looked confused, and Nabiki tensed; she'd already learned that a confused Hulk-chan was a dangerous Hulk-chan.

"I mean, if Ranma is willing to let you fool around, wouldn't it be fair for you to let Ranma fool around?"

"NO!" Hulk-chan shouted, and then, "Yes! Um... er..." Expressions of anger, fear and confusion crossed her face.

"And if Ranma asked your permission to go out with one of us, wouldn't that be all right?" Ukyo asked. "Don't you want to see Ranma happy?"

Hulk-chan didn't answer at first; she had lost interest in fighting Ukyo, too busy at war with herself. Ukyo's questions made her feel confused. On the one hand, the idea of sharing Ranma turned her on tremendously; on the other hand, the fear of losing Ranma stabbed at her gut, and she could lose Ranma by either refusing him his freedom or by granting it.

Most terrifying of all, she felt something totally new to Hulk-chan's experience.

Hulk-chan felt weak.

"I have to think about this," Hulk-chan said quietly. "I have to go. Now." With that the green giantess jumped over the wall into the street, her heavy running footsteps fading away into the distance.

Ukyo, along with everyone else, breathed a deep sigh of relief. "That worked a lot better than I'd hoped," she said.

"Obviously her mother did not bring her up properly," Nodoka said, shaking her head.

"Why do you say that, Auntie?" Kasumi asked. "Because she goes without any clothes?"

"That also is unladylike," Nodoka nodded, "but a properly raised lady should know that a husband may have as many concubines as he wishes, so long as he fulfills his marital duties." She shot a dirty look at Genma as she said this; Genma, somehow, had managed to splash himself and go into his 'Just a Loveable Old Panda' act, old tire and all.

"As many... concubines..." Ukyo gasped.

"Oh my!" Kasumi said. "I think Ranma will need some extra tempura for dinner from now on!"

Ranma sat immobile, frozen in horror at the thought.

"Pardon me," Ryouga asked, returning to the land of the conscious, "but what's going on around here?"

The only answer he got was the sound of Nabiki's running feet, followed by the slam of the front door.

Hulk-chan hadn't actually made it that far at all. The weakness was spreading, filling her mighty sinews, slowing her steps. She stepped into an alley a few blocks away from the Tendo home, swaying on her feet, her mind a muddle of conflicting emotions.

She leaned heavily on a wooden fence, her mighty breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. Those breasts already felt smaller, as did the arm propping her against the fence. The wonderful flood of power that ran through her veins was gone, replaced by weakness and self-doubt. Even Hulk-chan's skin was fading, the green tone paling away to white.

No, Hulk-chan thought, can't let Akane take over... must get angry... She couldn't manage it. She was too tired, so tired... she couldn't think, couldn't focus, couldn't remember...

Dark hair retreated upwards from Hulk-chan's shoulders, returning to the short bob of Akane's normal hairstyle. Hips narrowed and shrank, shoulders retracted, arms and legs lost their supernatural muscle tone. The mighty bosom Hulk-chan had been so proud of shrank, pulling back to rational sizes, then down to a perfectly ordinary girl's bust.

The mental fog lifted like a curtain, leaving Akane Tendo herself, naked in an alleyway, with only a foggy idea of how she had come to be there... and feeling like she'd run nonstop from Nagasaki to Kyoto.

She heard someone shouting her name, a familiar voice. "Akane! Akane, are you around here? Say something!!"

"Nabiki," Akane said, not really able to shout all that loudly, "I'm over here. Nabiki!"

A few moments later Nabiki appeared, carrying an armful of clothes hastily grabbed from Akane's wardrobe. "Here, quick, put these on," Nabiki said, shoving the clothes towards her. "If anybody asks, you went for a walk after your bath to cool off, okay?"

Akane took the clothes, but didn't move to put them on just yet. "Nabiki, how did I get here, and why am I naked? The last thing I remember clearly is you splashing me with water, and then it all goes fuzzy."

"It's a long story," Nabiki said, "and before I tell it I have to ask you, no matter what I tell you, remain calm... and do -not- lose your temper."

"Sure," Akane said, "I never lose my temper."

Oooooooh boy, Nabiki thought to herself...

As Nabiki filled Akane in on everything that had happened, other, similar conversations were being held across Nerima, as the other three fiancees returned home from their ignominous defeat...

Shampoo knelt, naked, on the kitchen floor of the Nekohanten, steam rising from her head where Cologne had poured water from the kettle. (With two Jyusenkyo-cursed people under the same roof, a kettle sat ready on the stove almost all the time.) "(Forgive me, honored Grandmother, I have failed,)" Shampoo said quietly.

Cologne responded by whacking Shampoo on the head with her staff. "What have I told you about practicing your Japanese?" the wizened crone asked.

"Shampoo too too sorry, Grandmother," Shampoo said. "Shampoo has been humiliated in battle by a monster."

"A monster, you say?" Cologne asked. "What kind of monster?"

"She big-big womans," Shampoo said. "She over two meters tall! She -green!- She have too-too big ho-hos!" Shampoo held up her own generous rack for comparison. "Breasts bigger than bonbori! And muscles almost as big!"

"Shampoo," Cologne said quietly, "you haven't been experimenting with the herbs I keep on the top shelf again, have you?"

"No, Grandmother."

"You haven't eaten any of Akane's cooking, have you?"

"No, Grandmother."

"You haven't been watching the Sci-Fi Channel again, have you? You remember what happened when you thought mutant worms were invading Nerima."

"How I to know there Martial Arts Sewer Construction? - Shampoo mean, no, Grandmother," Shampoo said quietly.

"Ah," Cologne nodded. "Then perhaps you should tell me everything. Verbatim, as I taught you, please."

"Yes, Grandmother, but... may Shampoo put on clothes first? Shampoo's butt feels drafty."

"Ooooogh... Ranma-sama?"

"Milady Kodachi, you are awake! I was so worried about you!"

"Oh, it is only you, Sasuke. I trust you rescued me from that brutish green monster?" Kodachi Kuno sighed in delight, imagining the battle. "My loyal Sasuke stood against the enemy and rescued his liege-lady from certain destruction at her rival's unclean hands!"

"What green monster?" Sasuke asked in complete bewilderment. "I found you in the dumpster behind the Tendo home."

"Oh," Kodachi said, her daydream collapsing into the cold reality of her short, cowardly, fat ninja servant. "That would explain my current fragrance." Kodachi lifted her head from the soft pillow and pushed back the silk sheets from her leotard-clad form. "If such happens in future, please cover the linens with plastic before laying me in them," Kodachi said. "I much dislike the need to burn perfectly good bedding."

"I did not feel at liberty to put you in the bath," Sasuke said.

"And well you should not!" Kodachi said. "That I reserve for my noble Ranma-sama! But attend, loyal Sasuke," the Black Rose smiled, sliding entirely out of bed, "for I have been in combat with a horrible fiend that might have come from my beloved brother's pathetic delusions. Pay you heed, for the safety of the Kuno clan lies upon your attention. Five cubits tall she stood, and so grossly overendowed in the chest that I could have stood under her bosom in a rainstorm and never felt a drop..."

"Konatsu, WHAT have you DONE to my KITCHEN??"

"Milady Ukyo," Konatsu said, bowing his forehead to the floor in abject submission, "please forgive your humble servant. I only wished to experiment in gourmet food! I saw a recipie on Iron Chef for okonomiyaki with a corn topping-"

"That explains why every surface of my kitchen is covered with dough, sauce... or popcorn," Ukyo growled. "Now we'll miss the dinner rush cleaning this mess up, and who knows how many customers we'll lose from that?" Ukyo sighed, shaking her head. "I don't know why I put up with you."

Konatsu, the world's only male kunoichi (although you couldn't tell it from his hairstyle, face, or dress- his long, flowing locks, his elegant makeup, his lovely schoolgirl's dress), bowed even deeper. "I only wish to be near the woman I love, Milady."

"Oh, get up before I hit you," Ukyo grumbled, "and get this mess cleaned up. I've already had a bad enough day, after what happened at the Tendos'."

"What happened, Milady Ukyo?"

"Ranma's got a new fiancee, that's what's happened," Ukyo snapped. "And this one could tie all of us into granny knots if she wanted to, even Akane."

"Even the Kitchen Destroyer?" Konatsu gasped.

"Even Ryouga," Ukyo said. "Although with that body all she had to do was let Ryouga see her naked, and he was lights-out for the duration."

"It sounds like a strange story," Konatsu said.

"You haven't heard anything yet," Ukyou said...

"Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan, you say?" Cologne hopped closer to Shampoo, who was once more clothed in a short-short, clinging Chinese dress. "What an... interesting... name."

"She stronger than any in our village," Shampoo said. "She barely feel Shampoo hit her on head with bonbori. Leave bonbori much much dented."

"Do tell," Cologne said. "What did this... Hulk-chan... do after you hit her?"

"... and that managed to confuse her so much she quit fighting and ran away," Ukyo said. "I was just hoping to get in one good shot while she was distracted."

"That is truly an incredible story," Konatsu said, scraping okonomiyaki dough from the ceiling. "I trust you are not planning to take this Hulk-chan up on her offer."

"What? NO,," Ukyo said. "I keep telling you, I'm not interested in girls!!"

"I humbly beg your pardon, Milady Ukyo," Konatsu bowed. The movement, although noble and traditional for ninja in the service of a feudal lord or lady, was ill-advised when standing on top of a stepladder. Despite all the skill of a lifetime's kunoichi training, Konatsu wibbled, wobbled, and finally fell down. "Ow."

"Just get this kitchen cleaned up," Ukyo said, pulling off the outer layers of her combat dress, dropping battle spatula and throwing spatulas to the kitchen floor. "I'm going upstairs to clean up and plan."

"Plan, Milady?" Konatsu asked, pulling himself up painfully from the floor. "I thought you said that you could not stand up to Hulk-chan in a fight."

"Fighting is not the only way to win Ranma's heart," Ukyo said. "I think it's time to change strategies..."

"Lady Kodachi, this is truly terrifying news," Sasuke said, still kneeling before the younger Kuno sibling. "A rival unaffected by your poisons and able to break your strongest bonds could bring the ruin of the Kuno clan!"

"Relieve your mind on that score, faithful servant," Kodachi smiled. "The Kuno clan has served the Emperor since before the Tokogawas siezed power. Rest assured we shall outlast a single arrogant monster, no matter how absurdly voluptuous she may be."

"I am relieved to hear you say that," Sasuke replied.

"Now, Sasuke, hear my orders," Kodachi said. "Go out and find out all you can about this Hulk-chan. Do not return until you see her for yourself and discover some information of use. This green ogre must have some weakness- and you will bring that weakness to me!"

Sasuke sweated in sudden terror. "Lady Kuno, should not I rather remain by your side and protect you?"

"Are you afraid, Sasuke?" Kodachi sighed dramatically and turned her eyes skyward. "If only I had a servant as valiant as my darling Ranma-sama! But no!" Kodachi pointed imperiously to the window. "Your place is in my enemies' camps, spying out their plans, while I make plans of my own!"

"But what plans can you make?" Sasuke asked. "Surely you do not intend to meet her in battle a second time?"

"My dear Sasuke," Kodachi smiled, "there are more ways to victory than simple brute force. No, I shall ensnare my darling Ranma-sama by more... feminine... wiles... OH-HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!! OOOOOOH-HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOO!!"

Sasuke, hands clasped over his ears, fled, as the horrible laughter rang through the twisted halls of the Kuno manor. The laughter startled Kodachi's pet alligator, Mr. Turtle, into the deepest part of his pond. It startled the birds nesting in the manor grounds into flight, abandoning their homes for new residences in safer territory. It even managed to penetrate the notoriously thick skull of Kodachi's elder brother, Tatewaki Kuno, and the Blue Thunder roused from his meditation and considered the soul-shattering sound with mild concern.

"My mad sister," he pronounced, "is up to nothing good. I pity the poor soul who lies at the heart of her schemes..."

"... and then Monster Girl jump over fence... Grandmother, stop laughing!!"

Cologne rolling on the Nekohanten floor in uncontrollabe laughter was an unnerving sight; thankfully, only Shampoo was present to see the Amazon elder's amusement. It was nearly half a minute before Shampoo could get anything more than 'Nihao Kitty!!' out of her great-grandmother.

When Cologne finally brought herself under control, she apologized for her inapropriate mirth. "Still," the elder added, "you must admit that you have no one to blame for your loss of face but yourself. You must take action to redeem your lost honor."

"Yes, Grandmother," Shampoo nodded. "Hulk-chan is obstacle. Obstacle is for killing."

"Obstacles can be bypassed, if need be," Cologne said, "but let it go for now. I must send a message home to the village at once." Cologne balanced herself on top of her staff and hopped across the kitchen floor into the restraunt area. "Dinner rush will begin in an hour or two. Help Mousse get the place ready; I'll be down before things get too busy."

Shampoo watched Cologne hop off into the back of the Cat Cafe, her own mind already swirling with plots. Obstacles can be bypassed, yes! If Shampoo could not beat the Green Monster Woman by fighting, maybe she could beat her by being a better wife!

Now, how should she demonstrate to Ranma just what a good wife she could be?

Akane sneezed yet again.

"Oh my," Kasumi said. "I hope you're not catching cold."

Akane hoped so too, but she wasn't going to tell Kasumi that her long string of sneezes might have been caused by running around bare-assed naked... and green... and huge...

"Nabiki, you had better be telling the truth," she muttered. She still didn't quite believe Nabiki's story about a Jyusenkyo curse that turned her mean and green when she became angry... but Nabiki had promised to catch the next transformation on camera, no matter what, for proof.

Akane splashed herself with hot water anyway, just in case. She did not want there to be a next time...

Cologne sent the pigeon on its way. Before midnight it would arrive in the village; by noon tomorrow, an answer to her request would return. Until then, Cologne needed only to watch, wait, and laugh.

"Nihao Kitty..."

Cologne chuckled not merely at the mocking name Shampoo would have to live down. No, she also found deep amusement in certain facts which Shampoo had dutifully reported, but had not correleated in her own mind. This Hulk-chan knew a great deal about the other fiancees. She had not needed to be introduced to any of them. Quite impossible for a person who had not been in Nerima the day before.

Furthermore, unlike Shampoo, Cologne was familiar with the original Hulk, the being who had paid a brief visit to Nerima the day before. She knew of his dual nature; she knew that, under this Hulk-chan's green skin, there likewise dwelt a human being...

... and Cologne thought she guessed which human being that was.

Too early to act just yet; I want a little more solid information, or at least more circumstantial evidence. But Ms. Hulk-chan, I believe I know precisely who you are... which will make my new plan for Shampoo to win Son-in-Law all the more amusing to watch, win or lose.

Cologne allowed herself five more minutes of laughter before returning to the kitchen for the dinner rush. Laughter is precious to the elderly; after all, every laugh might be the last...

After a tense, silent dinner in what remained of the Tendo living room, Ranma Saotome and Ryouga Hibiki had retired to the roof to talk. Neither wanted to be around Akane at the moment, considering how peculiar she had acted through dinner...

"She said 'pardon me,'" Ranma murmured. "That just can't be right."

"She should have whacked you over the head when you shouted at her," Ryouga said. "Even if she did spill the rice on your lap."

"I think it even spooked Pops and Mr. Tendo," Ranma said. "It's just not normal for Akane to try an' hold her temper, y'know?"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Ryouga sprang to Akane's defense.

"I mean," Ranma said, ignoring Ryouga's anger, "that somethin's goin' on with Akane. I wish I knew what."

"Are you that dense?" Ryouga snapped. "She's upset because she's got a new rival! That Hulk-chan woman! She's afraid she's going to lose you!"

"As if," Ranma said. "Akane couldn't care less what I do. Hasn't she said that often enough?"

"And you didn't help things," Ryouga continued, "going through the whole day pining after that huge green... woman..." Ryouga trailed off, the memory of his brief encounter with Hulk-chan restarting his nosebleed.

By 'pining' Ryouga meant that Ranma hadn't been able to rid himself of the erection he'd had all day. Ranma had tried a quick cold bath earlier, but that had left him female, sticky between the legs, and with nipples that could poke eyes out if he wasn't careful. All things considered, he found an unwanted hard-on less embarrassing.

Not that he was going to talk about any of that with Ryouga. "I'm not pinin', I'm thinkin'," he grumbled. "I've never met this Hulk-chan before, but she knows all about us. Maybe that big ugly green guy from yesterday fell into Nyannichuan or something... but it still doesn't make sense, does it?"

"Why are you thinking about her at all??" Ryouga asked. "You should be thinking about Akane! She's hurt and lonely, and you can't stop thinking about a huge green porn star!"

"Porn star?"

"Who else goes around naked all the time?"

"Whatever," Ranma shrugged. Ryouga was making less sense than usual. "I don't wanna talk about it, anyway. Why don't you go find Akari or something?"

"You know, I think I will," Ryouga muttered. "I'd rather be with my beloved Akari than with a perverted unfaithful bastard like you. Oh, and one more thing, Ranma..."


Ryouga snapped his umbrella open and held it over his head. "Watch out for the rain." As he spoke, a light sprinkle began to fall from the one cloud in an otherwise clear sky, just enough cold water to trigger the instant change from Ranma, who filled out his shirt with muscle and bone, to Ranma-chan, whose shirt fell loose around her torso except for two very tight spots where her braless breasts pushed it outward.

Before Ranma could say anything, Ryouga was gone, off the roof, over the fence, moving in the general direction of the Okinawa islands.

Ranma sighed, looking down at herself. Despite the heavy silk of her traditional Chinese shirt, she could see two huge nipple-bumps poking up atop her breasts. Her boxer shorts were already getting wet and sticky from the cleft between her legs. Damn this female body, Ranma thought, it's even weirder than my normal body!

Ranma didn't understand why he was still turned-on by that huge woman. Yes, she was big and voluptuous- bigger in every dimension than his female form, more muscular than his male form. And yes, she had been blatantly naked throughout her visit... but Ranma had seen naked women before.

Maybe it's because nobody's hit me yet for seeing a naked woman, Ranma thought. Or maybe th' old lech Happosai's rubbing off on me. Jeez I hope not.

After all, even if the body was all his hormones could want, Hulk-chan's personality left a lot to be desired. She came on almost as strong, and as suffocating, as Shampoo. She was more full of herself than the Blue Blunder (by which he meant Tatewaki Kuno), although Ranma had to admit she could back up her arrogance. Worst of all, she had threatened her friends, and that Ranma didn't forgive, even if the friends in question had threatened each other more times than he could count.

The most maddening thing about the whole affair was that, for some reason, Hulk-chan seemed familiar to him. She moved in ways that Ranma could almost predict. Her face, although unfamiliar, evoked something within him that he couldn't quite understand. If only he could figure that out, maybe he'd understand why his body was stuck in a state of, let's be blunt, rut.

I haven't been like this since the first time I saw Akane naked, Ranma thought. And that hard-on didn't go away until she flattened me with the table.

Oh well. The sprinkling rain had ended, and the moon had come out again to light up Nerima's evening. It almost looked magical on nights like this, the houses and little yards running in row upon row across the flat stretch of Tokyo suburb, bathed in silver light.

I want a bath.

Ranma settled back into the furo, shuddering as the curse reversed itself, full breasts replaced by rock-hard pectorals, the sticky slit replaced by a long appendage with a mind entirely of its own. A little extra water splashed over the side of the tub as Ranma's body expanded back to its normal male dimensions.

The hot water brought little relaxation. The cold water certainly hadn't been any help, even if he had splashed himself six times. His body was still on autopilot, every bit of his flesh tense and hungry for sex and his mind confused about why this should be the case.

Why can't I control this? Ranma thought. Whoever created human bodies owes me an apology. Things like this have caused me more embarrassment than... well... I don't know, just a lot of embarrassment.

Bathing didn't seem to be doing the job. Maybe a quick run around the prefecture would do it. He certainly couldn't go to bed like this...

Ranma pulled himself to his feet, shaking off the excess water. He had one foot out of the furo when the inner door of the changing room opened and Akane stepped through, carrying her bath things and wearing that worn-out old bathrobe.

Akane closed the door behind her, turned around, and saw Ranma staring back at her. Her eyes grew wide...

Aw hell, Ranma thought, this is going to hurt.

Akane's heart thundered in her chest. There had been no 'Occupied' sign on the door... no sound from within while she changed out of her clothes... and yet here was Ranma, totally naked, staring at her with that... huge... THING sticking up from between his legs...

Angry thoughts flew through her head, squashed a moment later by the memory of Nabiki's words. I must not let myself be angry. Even if the pervert's getting his jollies looking- no, don't think that way, I'm the one who walked in on him...

Taking slow, deep breaths, Akane slowly turned herself away from Ranma and faced the changing room. "Ranma," she said very quietly, "why did you not put the sign on the bathroom door before taking your bath?"

Ranma hurried to wrap a towel around himself, but his erection insisted on making itself known in a most embarrassing tent in front. "Er... I did put the sign up."

"I... see," Akane said, calming down considerably. There, see how easy that was? "I apologize for entering unannounced." Not easy at all. I hate apologizing. But it's not his fault...

"Um, yeah," Ranma said, "an' I'm, er, sorry for starin'."

A few seconds of silence passed, during which Akane felt her anger draining away, to her intense relief. Finally Ranma muttered, "Er, I was just finished with th' furo, so if I, uh, can get past you, I, er, I'll leave you alone."

"I think I'll take my bath in the morning," Akane said quietly, stepping into the changing room. "Please wait while I change into my nightgown."

"Um, okay," Ranma said, turning his own back; Akane heard the movement and couldn't resist turning around to look. Ranma's towel wrap clung tightly to his wet body, showing off the hard curve of his butt; the rest of his muscled body gleamed with droplets of water, the scars from his training adding to the overall effect of strength and endurance.

Akane's heart thundered again, this time for a different reason. Blushing, she turned her back again and slammed the changing room door closed. He had the decency to turn his back, she thought to herself, and I will not stare at him!

Did you see how BIG it was?

Akane shook her head, trying to clear it of perverted thoughts. Bra, panties and oversized T-shirt slipped on in record time. She stepped out of the bathroom faster than decorum might have asked- and bumped into Kasumi, who had been standing right next to the bathroom door.

"Did you get yourself all nice and clean, Akane?" she asked, looking bright and innocent all the while.

Akane glared at her elder sister, then stomped up the stairs to her room, slamming the door behind her.

I WILL keep my temper, I WILL keep my temper...

Nabiki heard the stomping of feet, heard the door slam, and hurried to start the tape on the video cameras she'd hidden in Akane's room. She knew Akane was holding on by her fingernails when she stomped in that fashion, and if Akane was that angry, Hulk-chan could be only moments away... and she'd promised Akane she'd get proof of the change on tape if at all possible...

An hour passed, and Akane lay reading on her bed. She'd managed to calm down a little bit, enough that her heart didn't seem to be leaping out of her chest anymore. She didn't want to hurt either Ranma or Kasumi- it's always the quiet ones, isn't it?- anymore, although she was still upset with the both of them.

Of course, now she had another problem: she couldn't get her mind off of what she had seen.

I never knew it could get that large.

The image of Ranma's... Ranma's... thing... was burned on Akane's retinas. She tried to read her book, and the letters lined up into the long, thick shape of Ranma's erection. She tried looking at photos, and in each photo of Ranma her eyes kept focusing on his crotch. She tried counting the dots on the ceiling, and they rearranged into an image of Ranma shoving that huge tool into her happily writhing body.

To make matters worse, her body was cooperating wholeheartedly with her rampant imagination. Akane's nipples were so hard and swollen she thought they might pinch themselves off and fall off her breasts. Sweat continually beaded up on her forehead and had to be wiped off. As for her sex... well, Akane was really regretting having skipped the bath.

Despite it all, Akane refused to touch herself. Only perverts touch themselves there, she thought to herself. Well, except to wash and things like that, I suppose, but only perverts have sex with themselves! And I'm NOT a pervert!

By now the entire family had gone to bed (or so Akane thought. Nabiki, for instance, had been watching Akane squirm and wriggle, toss and turn, for the past hour through three different cameras, popping antacids every few minutes while waiting for the first hint of green). Only Akane remained awake, alone in the hot night, resisting the temptation to rub away the heat that had collected in her breasts and her cleft.

Akane shifted her position again. Her panties had grown most uncomfortably sticky, but she didn't even think of removing them. Well, not much. What if someone busted in here? I'm not going to let them catch me without my underwear, like some sort of slut! She shifted once more, trying to ignore how the fabric cupped her mound, rubbing itself against her hot, wet lower lips.

Quit thinking about Ranma, Akane thought. You can put it out of your mind if you try. Don't think about his hands rubbing you there and there. Don't think about his lips kissing you, his arms holding you so tight as that beautiful rippled chest presses against you...

Akane's hand slid across her belly; without realizing it, she began to stroke it back and forth, writhing a little on the bed. Don't think about how he'd lay you down and kiss his way down your belly to your crotch, licking you there again and again... With every stroke the heat built hotter within her, sweat running down her body and soaking her oversized T-shirt. Her heart beat faster and faster as she continued to stroke her belly through that shirt.

Her eyes flashed brilliant green before she closed them in a wave of ecstacy. That delicious heat flooded her body over and over, focusing on her chest and crotch. She shifted her stroking upwards, with both hands now, stroking breasts already beginning to strain against the petite bra she wore to bed.

She grabbed her nipples through the bra and shirt, tugging roughly on them as they grew harder and longer. Her legs rubbed against each other as they grew longer and more muscular, adding to the heat and friction of her sex... her pussy, her hot and hungry pussy, so eager for Ranma's cock.

Her hands shifted their grip, grabbing the rapidly rising boobs in their palms and squeezing roughly. A few seconds of this were more than her bra could take; between the growing strength of the hands and the increasing strain from the breasts, it snapped its hooks and slid back against even more rapidly swelling shoulders.

She felt the once-oversized shirt crawl its way up her hips, past her waist. One hand slid down to her panties, pushing up cotton already stretching to its elastic limits from the growth of her hips. A finger found those wet, slick labia, stroked up and down, bringing groans of pleasure from her deepening voice. She slid the finger into her hole, and she groaned even louder. She added a second finger, pumping faster and faster, rocking her hips up and down in time with her desperate frigging.

Her breasts had grown too large for even one of her hands to contain; she instead rubbed them with her free hand, one and then another, as they drew the sweat-soaked T-shirt tighter and tighter across her chest. The shirt continued to creep higher up on her torso, revealing inch after inch of green-tinted, rippled abdomen. Her belly clenched and flattened as shudders of pleasure filled her with every pump of her fingers in and out of her dripping quim.

She felt herself approaching the edge, felt the pleasure tightening up in her depths. She added a third finger, pumping faster and faster against the tight walls of her pussy. Her nipples drew tension lines through the formely oversized, now far too small, T-shirt, as her massive breasts stretched the fabric into twin firm spheres. Muscles bulged on pumping arms and writhing legs, dark green skin shining with a glorious film of sweat.

Then the dam burst, and she went into convulsions, her pussy flooding with juices, soaking her hands. Her body quivered and trembled with a final surge of growth, shirt and panties stretching to the very edge of ruin. Finally, as the last wave struck, she groaned a deep, incohate roar of pleasure, waking the sleeping inhabitants of the Tendo house one by one.

One by one they decided it was a passing flying saucer with its muffler gone, and went back to sleep. Sexy Amazon Hulk-chan, on the other hand, had just awakened... and even after a mind-blowing orgasm enhanced by the pleasure of the change, she was ready for action!

As Akane succumbed to her lusts and transformed into Sexy Amazon Hulk-Chan, Ranma was running along the drainage canal some two miles away from the Tendo home, trying to think clean thoughts or wear himself out, whichever one worked to get rid of his hard-on.

This information is vitally important to understanding what happens next.

Hulk-chan gasped for breath, savoring the afterglow of her self-induced orgasm. Twenty centimeters was selling my Ranma short, she thought to himself. And I need every one of his inches in me- NOW!

She jumped off the bed, pausing to admire herself in Akane's mirror. The T-shirt Akane had worn to bed was just barely holding against her thick shoulders, broad torso and enormous rack. The panties she had refused to take off were wet almost to the point of transparency. The back of those panties had vanished between a gloriously full, tight pair of butt-cheeks, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Ranma can't possibly say no to this! Hulk-chan thought. She opened Akane's window, squeezing her way through the sill. The broken wood around the windowframe groaned and shifted under her weight, and she tried to move as delicately as she could, but she still made enough noise to wake up any family not as accustomed to loud noises in the night as the Tendos.

Slipping into the guest room where Ranma usually slept proved much easier. The overstretched sleeper-T didn't hang on splinters this time, and the bosom and shoulders it just barely contained slipped through the gap with only a gentle push. With a lunge and tumble Hulk-chan was in the dark room, standing to her full seven-and-a-half foot height.

Under the covers of the guest futon, a smaller form lay still. The blanket rose and fell slowly with every breath its occupant took. With only the dim light of the moon coming through the window to see by, even Hulk-chan couldn't tell anything more than that... but that was more than enough.

"Oh, Ran-ma dah-ling!" Hulk-chan murmured, sliding under the blanket. "It's your darling Hulk-chan! And I'm feeling sooooo hot..." Her hands began sliding up the sides of the sleeper's body. "I need your... breasts?" The hands stopped, rubbing and stroking two unexpected objects for a few moments. They were, indeed, breasts.

"Hmmm, well I was hoping for a double helping of your big hard cock... but..." Hulk-chan's hands resumed their groping, stroking the bare breasts with her huge hands, easily encasing both firm mounds in her palms. "I think you're sexy boy or girl!" She pressed her much larger body closer to the other girl, kissing her neck, all the while continuing to fondle those firm knockers.

The other girl shuddered and flinched, and Hulk-chan paused in her rubbing. "Ranma? Don't you want me?" She eased back a bit from her close-up cuddling and said, "I understand if this is too sudden for you... I don't want to force you into anything you're not ready for. Just tell me 'no' if you want me to stop."

The other girl remained silent.

After a few seconds' waiting, Hulk-chan squealed, "YES!" in delight. "I'm gonna make this a night you'll never forget!!" One hand returned to stroking the other girl's breasts lightly, rubbing and petting around and around, while the other slid down to stroke her belly, fingers spreading and closing over a bare, flat midriff.

The other girl trembled, her body pressing back against Hulk-chan's. One hand reached up to cover Hulk-chan's own, pressing it harder against the other girl's tit. Under her hands Hulk-chan could feel the other body growing warmer with every slow caress. Smiling, she stroked lower and lower on the other girl's belly, fingers stretching into the trimmed thatch of hair that guarded her-


Someone was outside!

"Quick, hide!" Hulk-chan whispered, disengaging her arms from the other girl. "I'll protect you, Ranma!" The other girl scrambled out of the blanket silently and rushed into the open closet just as a shadow at the window blocked out the moonlight...

YAAAAAAHH!! CAT! GIANT TALKING CAT!!" Ranma ran hell-for-leather down the empty street, still miles away from the Tendo home. Behind him, keeping pace, a large woman with cat ears, a cat's tail, cat hands and feet, and a thin coating of fur covering only the most essential points on her voluptuous body, chased Ranma running on all fours.

"What's the matter?" Felicia asked. "I just want directions! Come back!!"

Obviously, as was said before, Ranma was not at home to see what happened next...

"Nihao, Airen," the new girl husked as deeply as her voice would let her. "Shampoo here to show you how too too good wife she make." The shadow moved slightly, and the rustle of silk reached Hulk-chan's ears as Shampoo's dress fell to the floor. "Tonight Shampoo love you long time!" she said, dropping to hands and knees and crawling under the blanket.

The blanket, of course, was full and overful of Hulk-chan, not Ranma. Even Shampoo could tell something was unusual as soon as her hands brushed across Hulk-chan's massive, toned legs. "Ooooh! Shampoo not remember Ranma so strong!" Shampoo said, stroking the leg back and forth a few times with the lightest of fingers. "Ranma make too too strong children, yes?" She ran her hand further up the leg and thigh as she slid up beside Hulk-chan, pressing her well-rounded chest against Hulk-chan's own massive boobs.


"Aiyah!" Shampoo's hands left off their stroking and grabbed at the two titanic hooters in front of her, squeezing roughly through the tight-stretched T-shirt. Hulk-chan barely stifled the groan of pleasure that had been building since Shampoo's first touch. "Girl-type Ranma? When you get so bi-mmph!" Shampoo's questions were cut off by Hulk-chan's frantic kiss, her tongue slipping between Shampoo's lips, caressing the Chinese Amazon's own with unrestrained lust and desperation.

Hulk-chan's hands swiftly returned Shampoo's rough gropes, squeezing and rubbing both of the Amazon's melons. Shampoo broke the kiss to gasp for breath, one of her own hands sliding around to stroke Hulk-chan's ribs, the lightly brushing fingers sending shudders through Hulk-chan's massive frame.

Hulk-chan pushed Shampoo back slightly so she could bend her head to one of Shampoo's firm, full tits, kissing the upper slope of her right breast lightly and working her way down with one kiss after another. Her hands shifted to Shampoo's lower back, stroking, rubbing Shampoo's hot flesh, wiping away the beads of sweat that were beginning to rise with every kiss Hulk-chan placed towards Shampoo's stiff, trembling nipple. One hand strayed down to cup and squeeze Shampoo's butt, and Shampoo squirmed with delight at the contact.

Shampoo's hands were hardly idle; they had found Hulk-chan's own stiff nips through the cotton and were playing with them, flicking them back and forth, tugging at them, crushing them back against her massive, firm jugs. The fondling grew unsteady as Hulk-chan took one of Shampoo's teats in her mouth and bit it lightly, tugging with her teeth, suckling at Shampoo's breast.

Shampoo groaned, enjoying every moment of the Lesbian coupling. The hands stroking her back and butt moved lower, and Shampoo spread her legs slightly, allowing her lover access to her innermost treasure, even as her own hands slid off of those whopper mams and slid down, working at the tight-stretched panties, reaching in towards that hot, sticky, hungry-

"OOH-HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!" A shower of black rose petals blew through the window, followed by the athletic, lithe, and utterly naked form of Kodachi Kuno. "Oh, Ranma-sama, I shall not let any vile plebians or foul monsters defile your glorious manhood! Tonight I shall take you into my arms, and together we shall become man and woman and enter into the great mysteries of love! OH-HOHOHOHOHO-"

Six hands siezed Kodachi.

Six hands hurled Kodachi out through the window.

Six hands slammed the window shut behind Kodachi.

"Ooooh... Ranma-sama, you are so forceful..." Kodachi, having hit the fence head-first (and thus damaged nothing except the fence), passed out.

"Aiyah! Is everybody try to lay-lay Ranma tonight?" Shampoo asked.

"That's what I'd like to know!"

"Ukyo?? When did you get here?"

"Monster girl Hulk-chan?? What you do here?"

"Like you don't know, you had your hands all over me!"

"I thought Ranma's boobies were smaller than normal. - And it's SEXY AMAZON Hulk-chan!"

"Aiyah! Hulk-chan too-too perverted!"

"That's no lie! What were you thinking, groping me up like that?"

"I thought you were Ranma! Why didn't you SAY something?"

"Yeah, right, and be mauled limb from limb by an angry green monster?"

"Ooh, too too wicked Hulk-chan!"

"You shut up, Shampoo. At least I -asked- before I went for the gusto!"

"What planet do YOU live on?"

"Aiyah! Why I ask permission sleep with husband?"

"Ranma is NOT your husband! Besides, only I'm enough woman to take all thirty centimeters of him!"

"What makes you- thirty centimeters?"

"And thick like Akane's thighs, almost."

"Aiyah! And Shampoo thought she felt sticky before!"

"You don't have to be a huge Frankenstein giant to take twelve inches! Why, I bet I could stuff all of Ranma up my pussy any time I wanted!"

"Spatula Girl not get halfway! Only fit Amazon take long long Ranma dick long long-"


"Um, excuse me," an exhausted and out-of-breath Ranma said, staring bug-eyed in the light at a bare-assed naked Ukyo, a bare-assed naked Shampoo, and a Hulk-chan wearing scraps of cloth so tight that she might as well be naked. "I think I'll just sleep in the living room tonight." With a perfect about face, Ranma closed the door slowly behind him, leaving three mortified fiancees in his wake.

Ukyo and Shampoo stared uncomfortably at the floor, occasionally glancing at each other. Finally, Ukyo said, "Y'know, any plan that even Kodachi thinks of without help is a bad idea."

"Too too true," Shampoo replied quietly.

"I think we'd better get dressed and go," Ukyo said. "What about you, Hulk-cha-"

But Hulk-chan was long gone...

Hulk-chan barely managed to pull herself through the bedroom window before the wave of weakness triggered by her embarrassment struck. She stumbled to the bedroom floor, raising herself to her hands and knees as the muscle tone faded from her body. Bones shrunk, curves flattened across her body. The dark green tone of her skin began to fade, replaced by a more normal pale color.

Her hair grew shorter, the wild wave returning to a straight short-bob. Her sleeper T-shirt slid down her body as her breasts shrank back down through the alphabet, covering panties no longer stretched tight across a much reduced rear end. Green eyes changed to brown, blinking blearily at the weaving room around her.

Akane Tendo slumped to the floor, only to be helped up to the bed by her sister. "Young woman, you've had an interesting night," Nabiki said, easing Akane under the covers.

"did you... enjoy the show?" Akane's bitterness was tempered by the extreme weariness that seemed to pin her to the bed.

"More than you imagine," Nabiki smiled. "You don't have any idea how much money I could make with the tape."

"...tape?" Akane tried to shake off the lassitude of the change back and the late hour, sitting up against the headboard of her bed. "What tape?"

"The tape you asked me to make," Nabiki said. "The tape of you changing into Hulk-chan." On Akane's dresser Nabiki had set up a small TV and VCR, and once she was sure Akane wasn't going to pass out asleep, Nabiki pushed play on the tape.

For a rush job, the editing of three different camera views into one tape was done very well. Nabiki had condensed, into a couple of minutes of tape, three different views of a minute-long combination of transformation and masturbation. The video only lacked a soundtrack, although Akane wondered with some embarrassment if it would be a Toho monster soundtrack or synthesized porn-video grind music.

Nabiki paused the video as, on the screen, Hulk-chan stretched out after having brought herself to climax. "And that's Hulk-chan," she said to Akane. "What do you think?"

"I thought you said I changed when I got angry," Akane murmured, blushing fit to glow.

"Apparently any sufficiently strong emotion will start a transformation," Nabiki replied. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"I don't remember touching my stomach," Akane said. "Although... for some reason, I remember feeling another girl's breasts pushing against mine..."

"That would be Hulk-chan's little adventure in Ranma's bedroom," Nabiki said. "Unfortunately I didn't have an infrared camera set up in there tonight."

Akane sank into the covers until only her eyes and hair were visible. "Nabiki," she said quietly, "I can't marry anybody like this. I can't even have a proper boyfriend like this. I don't even think I can go back to school next month like this. I need a cure."

Nabiki shrugged. "Ranma's been looking for two years. I go to college in August. I'll help you keep your secret, but..." She pulled back the covers just enough to look Akane in the eyes. "You'll just have to learn to control yourself."

Akane sighed, turned away from Nabiki's gaze, and went to sleep.

Before dawn came, Soun Tendo was beating at the door of each of the Tendo girls in turn. "Awake, my darling girls!" he shouted. "Daddy has a surprise for you!" Ranma stood beside him, looking much the worse for a sleepless night.

Kasumi exited her bedroom, dressed in a proper nightgown, looking wide awake and alert. "Yes, father?"

Nabiki left her bedroom wearing only a skimpy bra and high-cut panties. "Good morning, Ranma," she said quietly, swinging her hips in her most seductive manner. "If you like what you see, only ten thousand yen to see the rest." She chuckled softly at Ranma's blush; Saotome was just so easy to tweak.

Akane staggered from her bedroom, her bedcovers still wrapped around her body. "Grmpfl? Wshlfx?" she said.

"Guess what your loving father has done?" Soun grinned.

"You've married a blind heiress and we're moving into her estate?" Kasumi asked.

"You've spent the monthly budget on one of Genma's get-rich-quick schemes?" Nabiki asked.

"Pfhlrrou? Qurskittl!" Akane said.

"Even better!" Soun said. "I've secured a beach house for the next two weeks, free of charge! While the repairmen restore our home and dojo, we're off to the seashore!"

The beach.

Akane's weary mind snapped to alertness as she digested this idea.

The beach. Ranma's other fiancees in swimsuits. Myself in a swimsuit. RANMA-CHAN in a swimsuit.

"And Genma and Nodoka will join us there this very day! Isn't that wonderful?"

And I have to hold my temper or else let Hulk-chan loose on the beach... in front of everybody in Japan...


"Oh my," Kasumi said, "Akane, you must not have gotten enough sleep last night. Perhaps you'd better go back to bed."

Akane didn't hear her; she was already having disturbing dreams of being dragged along the sand and surf by a naked, huge-titted green woman who seemed bent on grinding boobs with Ranma-chan.

"Well, this is a good start," Nabiki grumbled, helping Kasumi carry Akane back to bed.

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