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Consortium of Genius: Free Brains & Dead Bodies SPECIAL EDITION



WARNING! From the bowels of New Orleans comes the least dangerous- er, did I say least? I meant most, most! Most dangerous! Now please step away from the Sonic Mind Probe, Dr. Pinkerton... thank you...

Ahem. The most dangerous mad scientists in the history of rock music... or is that the most dangerous rock musicians in the history of mad science? Or is it the most dangerous mad musicians in the history of rock... oh, forget it.


The Consortium of Genius has thrilled the aural tracts of unsuspecting victims throughout the deep South since 1996. Sharing the stage with such names as Mojo Nixon, Damien Storm, and the Great Luke Ski, the COG's talents for terror have paralyzed music fans and fandom fans from music halls to DragonCon main programming! (Granted, the paralysis has been due to infectious laughter, but evil science advances one jack-booted step at a time!)

With faithful and cutting renditions of musical styles from Elvis to Meatloaf to Southern Rock to goth rock to Queen to, yes, even the dreaded country and/or western, these maniacal malevolent musicians will make you BOW 2 THE COG!

The album Free Brains and Dead Bodies features the music and comedy performed by the COG during the period from 1998 to 2000, including cuts played on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento radio show! Starring Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. A Pentatonic, and Filbert Snodgrass (junior scientist in training), this amazing album lets you learn of life in the lab, while lecturing you on the intricasies of brain freezing, electrostatic deity incarceration, and onanistic substitutionary recreational procreational prototyping! Cameos by The Krazed Archer, Android Woman, and The Angel of Death.

SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL: In addition to the tracks listed below, this downloadable album contains singles tracks for Science Party and Brain Wrap, multiple remixes of I Scream and All I Want to Do is You, and the original demo tracks for various songs- including a look at a song that might have been something ENTIRELY else! NINE TRACKS not available anywhere else- in this cheap downloadable album!

Warning: ZIP file is over 100 MB. Customers with slower connections will require some extra time to download the whole file. Contact us if you have problems downloading the album successfully.

Cover art by Paul Trauth and Lewis D'Aubin.

Track listing:
1. A Word From Dr. Pinkerton
2. Bow 2 Me
3. Cryonics Chamber
4. I Scream
5. Brain Wrap
6. Breakfast At Pinkerton's
7. M.I.L.K.
8. Brunch At Pinkerton's
9. So Confuse
10. Great God in a Box
11. It's Morally Wrong
12. What a Doll
13. Android Woman
14. That's No Way to Treat An Android
15. All I Wanna Do Is You
16. Enter the Archer
17. Black Plague
18. Partying With Pentatonic
19. Science Party
20. Unoriginal Gangster
21. Death to the Angel of Death
22. The C.O.G. Neck-protect 2000
23. Bite Me
24. Secret Forwards Message
25. March of the Skeletons
26. The End of Science As We Know It
27. Secret Backwards Message
28. You're Still Listening?

Bonus tracks:
All I Wanna Do is You (Cannibal Whore Feast remix)
I Scream (Beerstein test mix)
I Scream (ledbelly mix)
I Scream (Cannibal Whore Feast overload mix)
All I Wanna Do is You (demo)
Bow 2 Me (demo)
Snake Dog Monkey (demo)
Brain Wrap (single)
Science Party (single)

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  • Manufactured by: Consortium of Genius

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