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Tom Smith: The Last Hero on Earth

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Maxicron! Amazing Gracie! Fenderbender! These and many other famous heroes stick in the collective craw of the world's mad scientists, who, frustrated with their numerous individual defeats, have united under the diabolical leadership of Dr. Thaddeus Mallevo and Sir Wilfred P. Huffelbaggins III to get rid of the heroes forever with the terrible robot army known as The Sinister Sixty, led by the Kill-O-Tron! Now, only one hero wannabe -- the idealistic everyman who calls himself The Waffle -- stands between the people of Earth and total subjugation!

Pity he's just been zapped across the galaxy....

Inspired by 24 Hour Comics Day and a whole bunch of suggestions on his LiveJournal, Tom Smith's newest album was written in one day. (Okay, he fudged a bit -- some of the shtick, and an extra verse here and there, were written later.) With a plot, no less. Action, comedy, drama, romance, sound effects, alien hotties, ludicrous exposition, angst-filled killer robots, pirate ninjas with dinosaurs, dimensional gateways, croquet tournaments, and a gorgeous cover by Diana Harlan Stein -- this one's got it all!

1. What If?
2. Mad Scientists United
3. The Sinister Cavortings of Sir Wilfred P. Huffelbaggins III
4. Warning: Wimbledon!
5. The Sinister Sixty Strike
6. Enter the Waffle
7. You Never Even Call Me by my Real Name
8. Boulevard of Broken Genes
9. Tears of the Kill-o-Tron
10. Pirate Ninjas from Dino Island
11. The Terror of Sis Boom Ba
12. The Romance of George and Al
13. A Million Light Years From Love
14. Divided Royalties
15. Behold the Crossing Guard
16. When Strikes the Clock
17. Rules of Enragement
18. Hey! Didn't You Die?
19. The Rise and Fall of Sir Wilfred P. Hufflebaggins III
20. With Great Power Comes Great Power Bills

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