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The Adult Webcomics Telethon

The Adult Webcomics Telethon

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Donated by Phillippe
Donated by: Phillippe
Creator of: Cottonfluff Hollow

Featured Auction:
Solomon Russell Comic 4-Pack
All auctions listed on this website support the American Red Cross. Bid high and often!

How to donate:

Click here to email us with your pledge! A pledge of as little as $5 means a lot to us, and if you can give more, do it! But let us know how much you're giving so our artists know how well they did!

Then click here to go to the Red Cross website and pay your pledge! Remember, a pledge is just a promise- the Red Cross needs money.

The works presented on this site are 2005 their respective creators/owners. White Lightning Productions makes ownership claims only on content provided by WLP for this event and on no other content submitted to or hosted on this site. Do not repost, copy, alter or redistribute the content on this website except where specifically authorized.

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White Lightning Productions is hosting a special online event to raise funds for the American Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Creators of mature-audience and adults-only webcomics will contribute their creations to encourage donations and bids on eBay auctions in a special Adult Webcomics Telethon beginning September 12.

Proceeds from all sales, donations and auctions will go 100% to the American Red Cross. This site will be updated several times with new comics and new charity auctions- so keep coming back to see the new stuff, and keep donating to help Katrina survivors in their hour of need!

We welcome any other web creators who'd like to auction stuff off, collect donations, or raise money in whatever other fashion to help the Red Cross assist refugees from Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas... and to replenish its reserves for the next disaster. By banding together, we can raise the visibility of everyone's efforts- and thus raise more money for the Red Cross!

Also check out and support Blank Label Comics' Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon!

The Webcomics Telethon

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