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Where's my order?

As a general rule, it takes a few days to get around to acknowledging most orders, even orders for downloadable digital comics. If an order can't be shipped within two weeks, we will let you know.

What is White Lightning Productions, anyway?

White Lightning Productions

Buying Stuff from White Lightning Productions

Can I use PayPal to order?

No. In August 2004 PayPal cancelled our account and permanently blacklisted Kris Overstreet, White Lightning Productions, and anyone who lives at 16286 FM 943, Livingston, TX 77351 henceforth from ever having a PayPal account ever again. This is due to PayPal's policy prohibiting the use of their service to buy or sell sexually explicit materials. As of October 2006, WLP now accepts Visa and Mastercard directly, and checks and money orders through the mail.

Does WLP offer wholesale sales or bulk discounts?

WLP Store for Wholesale Accounts coming soon!

Please be advised that wholesale orders will only be processed with the approval of WLP, and are not available to the public at large.


How can I get my stuff published by White Lightning Productions?

WLP Submissions Guidelines

Please be warned that WLP is only now, after many troubled years, returning to profitability. We are gradually making payments on royalties owed to artists, but payment on new projects may be irregular as a result. Please be patient.

Does WLP own what I submit?

Submissions not accepted for publication remain YOUR property.

If your submission includes one or more WLP owned character, then WLP requires that your work not be sold or published by any other company or otherwise used by you for profit.

If your submission is based upon a script provided by WLP or for a specific project such as art for a game, then WLP would own that submission once payment has been agreed to.

Artwork and stories wholly created by you, with no input from WLP, remain YOUR property. WLP only asks for license to publish them- a license you may revoke at any time, preventing future reprints or reuse of the artwork.


May I make fan art / fan fiction of WLP characters?

Yes. However, we ask that you follow some basic guidelines.

  • Give credit to the owners of the original characters. If you don't know, ask. Not all the characters published by WLP are WLP owned.
  • Let us know you've done it- we may want to put it on the website.
  • Be respectful to the characters. Don't show the characters in situations which they wouldn't do of their own accord. If you don't know, ask.
  • Don't make money off of the characters. This is the biggie. In order to keep our intellectual property, we have to defend it. If we don't, we risk our artwork and stories being declared public domain, and our trademark characters losing their legal protection. We won't bother people who are commissioned to draw WLP characters for one person's enjoyment, but if we find WLP-related artwork in a publication or on a paid-membership website, we will not be pleased.

Will WLP take/steal my ideas for its own use?

There's no avoiding the fact that sometimes different people get the same idea at the same time, or at different times without being aware. As a general rule, we actively avoid using ideas that other people have explored. If we like your idea enough to expand on it, though, we'll contact you and ask either for your permission to go ahead or, more likely, for you to do the expansion yourself.

How should I phrase credit on my WLP fan artwork?

For The Magnificent Milkmaid characters:

The Magnificent Milkmaid and all related characters created by Kris Overstreet and John Barrett. The Magnificent Milkmaid is a trademark of White Lightning Productions.

For Chichi-chan:

Chichi-chan created by Kris Overstreet and Brian Burke. Chichi-chan is a trademark of White Lightning Productions.

For Peter is the Wolf:

Peter Stubbe, Sarah Hazen, Jean Goodwin, Rebecca "Butch" Cramer and all related characters created by Kris Overstreet and Benjamin Rodriguez. All Peter is the Wolf characters are trademarks of White Lightning Productions.

For Chocolate Milkmaid:

Chocolate Milkmaid created by Lawrence Mann.

All other comics and their creations should be credited to their individual creators.

What happened to...?

Collected Not Ninja High School?

When Alpha Wave Productions licensed Not Ninja High School, WLP offered their collections for sale. However, Alpha Wave Productions never paid WLP for services rendered in copies as expected, nor were we paid for the script for Son of Not Ninja High School. Further, by overprinting the older volumes of NNHS, Alpha Wave Productions saturated the market, making it unprofitable at this time for us to reprint the older versions. We're considering when the market will be ripe again for a collected volume.

Gingerbread Cinnamon?

Gingerbread Cinnamon was printed as a limited-release fanzine by its creator Josh Lesnick and sold under the promise that it would never be printed or otherwise released again.

Dave Menard?

Dave Menard's life changed abruptly in 2004, limiting his ability to draw a regular comic.


Unfortunately DarkZel died in a traffic accident in South Korea in 2013.


PlumpDragon has stopped communicating with WLP, and we presume he no longer wishes to create more Chichi-chan comics. Due to low readership, we haven't been actively looking for a new artist for that project.


Will you come to the convention in my town?

WLP's various creators have different schedules and regions in which they appear at conventions. As a general rule, listing a WLP creator as a guest of the convention and providing an Artist's Alley or Dealer's Room table is sufficient to guarantee our presence. In many cases WLP creators already attend conventions at their own expense to sell WLP and other products and promote WLP comics.

Kris Overstreet

Kris Overstreet regularly attends the following conventions:

  • Project: A-Kon in Dallas, TX
  • AggieCon at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
  • OniCon in Houston, TX

Kris Overstreet has attended the following conventions in the past:

  • Exoticon in New Orleans, LA
  • KatsuCon in Washington, DC
  • Otakon in Baltimore, MD
  • Anime Central in Chicago, IL
  • AnimeFEST in Dallas, TX
  • UshiCon in Austin, TX
  • ComiCon International in San Diego, CA
  • O-ChibiCon in Houston, TX
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta in Atlanta, GA
  • ShiokazeCon in Houston, TX
  • Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX
  • AnimeIowa, Cedar Rapids / Des Moines, IA
  • OwlCon in Houston, TX

Kris Overstreet has no intention of appearing at any convention in the following states:

  • California (except for ComiCon International)
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Illinois (no convention is worth dealing with the Illinois Revenue Service)
  • New York (city)

Ben "BAR-1" Rodriguez

BAR-1 has appeared at the following conventions in the past:

Other Questions

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