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WikiWLP is specifically intended to host information related to White Lightning Productions- its creations, its history, and its creators.

All text in the WikiWLP may be reproduced elsewhere for nonprofit purposes as part of the overall Wikipedia project. Artwork, however, remains the copyright of the creator and/or White Lightning Productions and should be reproduced only with the explicit permission of the copyright holders.

If you want to contribute to the WikiWLP, please register as a user. Bear in mind that your contributions may be edited, altered, sliced, diced, julienned, pureed, made the subject of the next episode of Dr. Phil, or otherwise changed from what you wrote. In particular, if you get abusive or otherwise annoying, the WikiWLP administration reserves the right to ban you from the project. In short language: behave.


1-20-2011 - I've nuked the old Wiki and reinstalled, starting from scratch. Although we'd love fans to edit, only trusted people will be given accounts henceforth- there's just no other way for us to block the spambots which otherwise devour this Wiki. - Kris@WLP

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