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The Magnificent Milkmaid is the main character of the comic and webcomic of the same name.

[[Image:Milkmaid.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Character portrait]]
Name: The Magnificent Milkmaid
First appearance: The Magnificent Milkmaid #1 (December 1998)
Creators: Kris Overstreet
John Barrett
Birthday: August 29
Known relatives: mother (Laura Dorman)
Powers: lactation, super-strength, magical materialization of objects


The character

Beth Dorman, student first at Woodville High School and then at Gazonga State University, lives a double life. With a taste of milk she transforms to fight crime, evil, and sexual frustration as The Magnificent Milkmaid!


Age: 18 as of the Milkmaid comic stories, 19 in Chocolate Milkmaid

Height: in basic Milkmaid form, 6 feet 0 inches; taller when supercharged

B/W/H: 90-29-43

Cup size: off the scale


Details on the first time Beth Dorman transformed into the Magnificent Milkmaid may be found in The Magnificent Milkmaid #1. Realizing that with great cleavage comes great responsibility, she began using her powers for good, fighting the superhuman sex freaks who seemed to appear at random around her- often from her own circle of friends. Initially she had no idea that their transformations, as well as her own, were the result of Dr. Emil Papillandrou's experiments to create the ultimate sex slave.

After completing high school and putting an end to the threat of "Dr. Papi", Milkmaid moved to the big time of superheroics- fighting crime in a major metropolitan city. Unfortunately, the Capitol City superhero and magical girl community have spurned Milkmaid. This irks her a bit, but at least it leaves her normal side plenty of study time at college. (It also allows her to deal with the periodic rampages of her friends Prixen and Sweater Puppy, who also moved to Capitol City to attend Gazonga State University.

By an improbable fluke of circumstance of the sort which happen all the time around her, Milkmaid is indirectly responsible for the transformation of her college roommate Kayla Amachi into Chocolate Milkmaid.

Milkmaid's Powers

Milkmaid is a magical girl with a somewhat unique set of abilities. Beth's transformation into Milkmaid is triggered by the taste of milk or any dairy product which remotely tastes like milk. Non-dairy products, oil-based cheese or butter substitutes, or products with negligible milk content or flavor (and also Velveeta) do not trigger the transformation, nor do products with milk content which taste nothing like milk, such as cake. Once begun, the transformation takes about ten to twenty seconds to complete.

Further doses, or large doses, of milk will trigger further growth. In her basic transformation, associated with anything from a sip to a pint of milk, Milkmaid grows nearly a foot taller and substantially more muscled. Her breasts also grow, greatly out of proportion to the growth of the rest of her body. Additional milk drunk during this stage will trigger a "Supercharge," and subsequent drinks will trigger more growth still. In all cases Milkmaid's breasts grow out of proportion to the rest of her body; at a point beyond about nine feet tall she becomes unable to stand upright without support due to balance issues. Three or more gallons of milk is sufficient to cause her breasts to grow more massive than the rest of her body. Naturally, Milkmaid prefers to remain in normal mode unless forced to power up.

Milkmaid possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and resistance to injury. Although her strength has never been measured, she is capable of bending thick steel bars and lifting cars with little effort. Of course, this strength is little used in Milkmaid's adventures, except possibly to maintain perfect posture, to prevent sagging breasts, and to make obvious backache issues impossible. The more milk she drinks, the stronger she becomes.

Milkmaid has the ability to materialize objects from thin air. Most notably she materializes her costume when transforming and new street clothes as her powers fade and she reverts to normal. She also uses this power to summon a long two-headed dildo which she calls the Equalizer. She may also dematerialize things she has summoned; indeed, the more complex or mechanical something she creates is, the more likely it is to vanish of its own accord when she reverts to normal. Again, the more milk she drinks, the more powerful this ability becomes; Milkmaid can create a working automobile when supercharged, but at most a hollow shell or solid block shaped like a car at normal power levels.

Milkmaid's most infamous power is the ability to lactate in volumes much greater than normal human beings. This ability, being magical in nature, allows Milkmaid in theory to generate an infinite supply of milk. This milk may spray from a trickle to about the same volume as a garden hose under low pressure, shooting a maximum distance of ten feet from her body. This milk has a low-level magical taint, noticable to normal people only as a mild aphrodesiac. Only persons with significant magical power suffer any effects from this milk, but those effects are completely unpredictable.

Milkmaid has great potential as a mage; however, she has neither a competent teacher nor the inclination to seek one out.


Milkmaid's body is much more susceptible to pleasant sensations than normal, particularly in her erogenous zones. This effect is amplified by the extreme sexual arousal she experiences when transforming. Milkmaid can be distracted by the lure of sex, forgetting her original goals until forcibly reminded.

Milkmaid suffers from bad luck, in the sense that the universe appears to enjoy picking on her.


Milkmaid is significantly more sexual and less cynical than her normal alter ego. The mental differences are similar to being mildly drunk; Milkmaid's inhibitions are relaxed, but she retains the same basic personality otherwise.

Milkmaid believes that her powers must be used to protect the innocent and helpless and to help those like herself control urges which might be more than normal people can withstand. On the other hand, she's not above using her abilities for personal gain in small ways, such as, for example, expanding her wardrobe or furnishing her apartment.


Milkmaid never, ever refers to herself as "magnificent," either as a name or an adjective.

Milkmaid cannot fly, not even leap over moderately tall buildings with a slight boost... and she resents it.

The comic

The cover of The Magnificent Milkmaid #2. Artwork © 2004 by Prodigy Duck and White Lightning Productions.

The Magnificent Milkmaid was the first direct market comic project produced by White Lightning Productions. Its first issue has sold over 4,000 copies in two printings, making it WLP's most popular comic project.


The Magnificent Milkmaid began in 1997 as Kris Overstreet began discussing a possible comic project with John Barrett. The two had collaborated on the art portfolio "Experiment 45-EEE", which featured breast expansion and lactation. Response to this portfolio, plus the presence of a core group of breast fetishists who purchased imported hentai manga from WLP, encouraged Overstreet to create a comic based on a woman who experienced both breast expansion and lactation on a regular basis.

It took four different designs before Barrett found a design Overstreet was pleased with. The character, named "Milkmaid," looked less like a traditional milkmaid and more like a cross between a French housemaid and an anime magical girl. A number of character sketches followed, as Barrett developed the main character's design and Overstreet outlined a plot for several issues, multiple adversaries and supporting cast, and the precise powers of the character. Scripts were written to combine a silly sense of humor with over-the-top sexual situations.

Artwork for the very first Milkmaid story, "Mission of Mercy," was completed in April 1998. The story was submitted to Radio Comix for use in that company's adult anthology Milk! Ideally, the short story would provide a lead-in for the first issue of the regular series, to be published by White Lightning Productions. Unfortunately, when the artwork for the full-length story, "Surprise! Here Comes the Milkmaid!" was completed in July, "Mission of Mercy" had not been either accepted or rejected by Radio Comix, much less put on a publishing schedule. Rather than wait indefinitely, Overstreet decided to go ahead with publication, soliciting The Magnificent Milkmaid #1 for release in December 1998.

The Magnificent Milkmaid #1 broke into the very lower end of Diamond Comics Distribution's top 300 selling comics for December 1998, selling enough to pay for its print run (something which would happen only rarely for WLP thereafter). Plans for five to nine more issues, however, were sidetracked when John Barrett decided to leave the project after hitting artistic block midway through pencilling "Puppy Lust! You're a Bad, Bad Doggie." In 2001 Barrett delivered the artwork for a limited edition Milkmaid portfolio promised to early subscribers to the project; this represented his last regular contribution to Milkmaid.

In the meantime Overstreet began writing short scripts, some featuring Milkmaid and others not, to test out new artists to replace John Barrett. Retrieving "Mission of Mercy" from Radio Comix, Overstreet decided to use the test scripts plus outside submissions, to assemble an adult anthology, Bootleg. Over the course of six years a large number of artists were approached, and scripts were completed by Solomon Russell, Josh Lesnick, John Timms, Danny Valentini, Twilight Realms Studios, and Matt Zenn. Finally, Overstreet gave the script to Prodigy Duck, who had proven his ability to complete large projects with a 24-page parody of Gold Digger. The second issue was solicited for December 2004- precisely six years after the first issue.

Unfortunately sales on issue #2 were much, much lower than required to pay for the print run. This outcome confirmed the business decision to discontinue publication of comics except for Bootleg and to expand that comic to contain all of WLP's comic projects. No future stand-alone issues of Milkmaid would be printed.

In August 2006 Overstreet and Prodigy Duck decided to continue Milkmaid as a free web comic. The new webcomic debuted September 10, 2006. After completing Book 5 in 2009, Prodigy Duck declared his intent to move to other projects. Book 6, plus a couple of short stories, were completed by Mune Sol and Mace Paladino, but the inability to maintain a schedule prompted Overstreet to put the project on hiatus. As of January 2012 all future Milkmaid releases were expected to be either subsidy comics or digital downloadable comics, not free webcomics.

Plans are in the works to reprint Milkmaid in graphic novel format.

Milkmaid has inspired one spinoff, Chocolate Milkmaid, created by Lawrence Mann.


All Milkmaid stories written by Kris Overstreet are considered canonical. Stories not written by Overstreet may or may not be canonical, depending upon how he feels at the time.

Main Cast

The following are major characters who have appeared in stories which have seen print as of this writing. Characters proposed for future stories are not listed, nor one-off characters not intended for reuse.

Beth Dorman aka The Magnificent Milkmaid

Dr. Emil Papillandrou, mad scientist and country doctor

Walter, Dr. Papi's henchman

Chastity Anderson, Beth's best friend, aka Prixen

Laura Dorman, Beth's mother, a widow and nymphomaniac

Martina Stevens aka Sweater Puppy

Karen Matthews aka JuGGG's

Serafina diAngelo aka The Cunt


Most of the proposed main cast were given names inspired by sexual references, especially breasts.

The series setting of Woodville was not inspired directly either by Woodville, TX or the nearby village of Warren where Kris Overstreet attended high school from 1988 to 1992. Overstreet favored a small-town setting for the comic, and the name "Woodville" was common enough to be generic. There are fourteen towns named Woodville in the United States, all fairly small. Any resemblance between any Woodville and the Woodville inhabited by the Magnificent Milkmaid and her friends is coincidental.

Comic Publishing History

The Magnificent Milkmaid #1, December 1998

The Magnificent Milkmaid #1 Deluxe Edition, May 2001

The Magnificent Milkmaid #2, December 2004

Appearances and Creators

"Surprise! Here Comes the Milkmaid!", The Magnificent Milkmaid #1

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: John Barrett

"Mission of Mercy," Bootleg #1

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: John Barrett

"Milkmaid at the Con," Bootleg #4

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: John Timms and ANDRE

"The Milkmaid Catches the Slippery Eel," Bootleg #10

Script and Artwork: Mark Moore

"The Intolerant", Bootleg #11

Script and Artwork: The Brothers Grinn

"Puppy Lust! You're a Bad, Bad Doggie," The Magnificent Milkmaid #2

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: Prodigy Duck

"Close Encounters of the Milky Kind," Bootleg #13

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: Matt Zenn

"Chocolate Milkmaid Book One," online and in Bootleg issues #10 - #13

Story and Artwork: Lawrence Mann Editing: Kris Overstreet

"JuGGG's! The Brick's Out for Revenge," online and in Bootleg issues #18-19

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: Prodigy Duck

"All-Lawsuit Issue," online

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: Prodigy Duck

"The Magnificent Milkmaid Does Not Appear in This Issue," online

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: Prodigy Duck

"Milkmaid's Bank Deposit," online

Script: Kris Overstreet Artwork: Mune Sol

Original Creators

Character concept: Kris Overstreet

Visual design: John Barrett

The Magnificent Milkmaid is a trademarked character of White Lightning Productions since 1998.

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