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The Misadventures of Chichi-chan!

The cast of Chichi-chan!


Chichi-chan was a child anime star in Japan... until she hit puberty, and puberty hit back. Now over 18, with a cute face but GIGANTIC breasts, she's starting over in the USA as spokesperson for White Lightning Productions' adult products... and coping, in the meantime, with bad anime spoofs, the tribulations of being mega-busty, and the differences between Japanese and American culture...

The Editor

The Editor gave Chichi her regular job in WLP's mail room... a job which she's exceptionally BAD at, so he finds other things for her to do when packages actually need to go out. Being a tall American who isn't an anime character, we never see his face... and if you'd ever seen it, you'd know we're doing you a favor!!

The Artist

The Artist hides behind his drawing board, dreading the next unreasonable demand from the Editor, Chichi-chan, or any of the many parody characters he has to work with. Very little is known about him.

The Slimes

The slimes encountered Chichi when she entered an RPG world in search of a bra that would fit her. So far as we can tell, they like her because her breasts are the right size and shape for slimes themselves. At the moment, they show no signs of going away...

More characters to come!

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