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The main characters from Maid Attack

Katharina Golt

Katharina Golt, the Champion Hunter, who enters one tournament after another for the pleasure of being crowned champion. She was runner-up in the last Maid Attack... can she go all the way to the top this time, or will her enemies end the Champion Hunter's career permanently?

Kath used false identification to enter Maid Attack; she goes by the name of "Lisa Banquet."

Gwendolyn Foerrest

Gwendolyn Foerrest, the winner of last year's Maid Attack, Kath's greatest rival and lifelong friend. She's a gentle, loyal soul who hates fighting... but despite that, she's easily as formidable a warrior as Kath, and in the ring friendship doesn't get in her way.

Gwen used false identification to enter Maid Attack; she goes by the name of "Mina Okuda."

Leona Jama

Leona Jama, a mysterious ninja warrior who left her clan to try herself against worthy opponents in last year's Maid Attack. She doesn't care for the feeling of defeat, and this year she's pledged to stopping the Champion Hunter... once and for all...

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