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At long last, my personal website is back- streamlined (like the Goodyear blimp) for your ease in viewing!

UPDATED: (8-23-2005) - New images in the Adult Fan Art stuff; check the Adult Works section for the links! Also, before long my Opinions pages will be taken down, since I'm now a LiveJournal addict.

NOTE: Since White Lightning Productions is my only source of income- and it's more a source of debt than income- I can use any donations I can get. The more donations I get, the more likely I am to get away from the want ads and actually write stuff. So go check out my writing and opinions, and if you like what you see, send money! Anything will help!

I DO COMMISSIONED WRITING. My current rate for commissioned writing is $.01 per word, with a 5000 word limit unless authorized to exceed it by the buyer. Will do fanfic works, including sexually explicit material. Will NOT do heavy bondage, slavery, abuse, mutilation for sexual pleasure, or any story featuring the buyer having sex with established characters. Reserve right to reject any proposed commissions, but once I take your money, you will get a story. Eventually. Email me with your commission ideas.

My Writings - Well, it's what you came here for, isn't it? Pro fiction attempts, fan fiction, and non-fiction too!

My Opinions - For stuff I've written about my personal and political views, stuff that doesn't rise to the level of 'non-fiction writing.'

Facts About Me - My life history in brief. (If your forehead hits the keyboard, quit reading.)

Links - I have a ton of bookmarks on my web browsers. When I get around to it, a few of 'em will go here.

Email me!

Mail donations to:

Kris Overstreet
16286 FM 943
Livingston, TX 77351

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