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UPDATED: (2-16-2005) - The beginnings of a new In Nomine setting in the Fanfic section.

Original Fiction - Currently featuring my alternate history series Lone Star Republic and my current novel-stalled-in-development Empire of the Lone Star.

Fan Fiction - My homages to various things I like. NOTE: none of the material I've written for Undocumented Features is archived here. For that go to Eyrie Productions, Unltd.

Nonfiction - Includes my current project, Defining Freedom: Powers, Rights, and Privileges and How They Work.

Adults Only Works - Anything, original, fanfic or nonfic, which gets down to hardcore sex goes here. MUST BE 18 TO ENTER!

Filks - So I like to rewrite song lyrics from time to time. Once I get around to it, you can sample some of my works here.

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