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Submissions Guidelines

At this time, White Lightning Productions is reviewing submissions for webcomics, digital download comics, and graphic novels. We are also looking for artists for various projects.


PLEASE DON'T SEND ATTACHMENTS IN YOUR FIRST EMAIL. WLP's home office is on low-end DSL, so we'd prefer not to have our email client tied up for hours or even days waiting on your 200-page document to finish downloading. A handful of sample images are acceptable; also, you could provide an URL for a website where we can review your work in our own time.

WLP will only consider *COMPLETED* artwork for print publication. We do NOT accept scripts, sample pencils or uncompleted pages. For digital publication we will consider incomplete work for acceptance, but we won't post incomplete work for sale.

All comic art must be proportional to the standard Modern Age comic size (6 5-8" X 10 1/4"). Graphic novels and collections must be a minimum 96 pages in length and must have all artwork completed before sending to WLP. WLP will not hire inkers, toners, or any other freelance personnel for any purpose besides coloring cover art.

WLP will edit your work for spelling and re-letter it if your lettering is not up to par. Any additional editorial changes will be discussed between creator and editor; however, WLP takes a hands-off approach to all editorial decisions.

WLP is looking for the following types of content:

  • Manga-style (this includes writing and storytelling, not just artstyle)
  • Anthropomorphic
  • 'Alternative' work
  • Humor & Parody
  • Adults-only (preferably sex-positive, female-empowered)

WLP will AUTOMATICALLY REJECT any of the following material, on sight:

  • Standard superhero stories
  • Mainstream-style artwork or storytelling
  • Any adult material involving bestiality, pedophilia, graphic torture, watersports or fecaphilia. (Note: Bestiality does NOT mean anthropomorphics.)
  • Text with illustrations, as opposed to sequential-art comic work

How to Submit Your Work

The submission must consist of the following:

  1. Quick synopsis of the comic. Include the planned length of the series, brief character descriptions, and plot synopses for the story.
  2. High-res (300 DPI minimum) files for the graphic novel or for the first twenty pages of the webcomic or for the entire length of the first chapter of the digital downloadable comic. Scans of pencil work are not acceptable; the original art must be complete and ready to hand to a printer. DO NOT SEND US ORIGINALS OR FILES ON DISK UNLESS REQUESTED TO DO SO.
  3. Mailing address, email and telephone number of the submittor must be included with submission.


Commissioned Work

If WLP contacts you to work on one of our in-house projects, payment will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Graphic novels

Creators receive 20% of all sales, wholesale and retail, that WLP makes of any graphic novel. This rate may be raised by WLP if sales justify it. In addition, the creator will receive fifty copies of each printing of the book.

Digital download comics

All sales of digital downloadable comics are split thus: 50% - artist; 33% - scriptwriter (or colorist if one is required); 17% - WLP (for credit card processing, web hosting, and other expenses). All digital comics are also optioned to WLP for future graphic novel release, with payment terms as above.

Free webcomics

WLP will host webcomics with some advertising added to help defray costs of web hosting and maintenance. The creator may also add advertising links if he or she wishes. At the creator's option WLP will also accept donations for the webcomic on the same basis as digital downloadable comics. Other offers, such as offering art commissions, may be arranged with WLP, with WLP retaining only a modest sum to cover costs of credit card transactions.


WLP will schedule release of your work according to our financial situation and our schedule. It may take some time to

DO NOT ASK FOR UPDATES OR CONFIRMATION OF RECIEPT OF SUBMISSIONS. We will contact YOU once your submission has been reviewed. If you have not heard from us within three months, it is safe to assume that WLP won't be accepting your submission.

Email us with any other questions!

You may also mail submissions to:

16286 FM 943

If mailing in your submission, please include your mailing address, phone number and email on a letter inside the package and on the back of all pages of any hardcopy samples you may send.

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This page last updated January 1, 2014.