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Peter is the Wolf

The story of Peter Stubbe, a less-than-average werewolf with bigger-than-average problems... including mysterious squads in hazmat suits trying to catch him, werewolf hunters trying to kill him, a psycho werewolf femme trying to bed him, his best-friend-with-benefits having fun at his expense... oh, and his formerly-human girlfriend, who now turns into an out-of-control werewolf every bit as big and powerful as he ISN'T.

To seek out the naughtier version of PitW, click here... NSFW!!

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Maid Attack

The Champion Hunter, Katharine Golt, must rise to a new challenge by entering the strangest fighting tournament she's ever encountered... where all the combatants are maids! Can she claim yet another championship without losing her dignity... or worse? Created by Eisu, creator of No Pink Ponies!

For our sexier publications (including Bootleg, Cream & Sugar, Nipple Magician and The Magnificent Milkmaid, click here to check out Superboobs Online!

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