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White Lightning Productions
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White Lightning Productions 16286 FM 943 Livingston, TX 77351 (936) 685-4992


You're one of eight generic male leads for a "love comedy" anime. You might be a Lech, Spineless, or just Unlucky. You might be a Hero, a Lost Prince, or Cursed. Whether you're a Student President or just a Photographer, you have the same goal:

First one to fill their Harem wins.

Sakura! is a card and dice game for two to eight players. Players compete to Woo over forty individual Girls, each with their own special powers or drawbacks. Lust after the Schoolgirl. Stay out of the crossfire between the Princess and the Pirate. Accept the dubious aid of the Matchmaker. Beware the deadly Villainess. And whatever you do, don't get caught between Secret Agent Alpha and Secret Agent Omega . . .

To help you gain your Harem, the deck of 100 playing cards and 8 Character cards contains a number of helpful (or harmful) Complications. Strut your Rico Suave, and send your rival's girl Running Away Screaming. Use a Little Black Book for more options. Nothing can stop True Love . . . unless it's just Not Meant to Be. If all else fails, throw a Marriage Party . . . but remember, even when you Cut In, and you're surrounded by Violins and Cherry Blossoms, sometimes Love Stinks.

Card list:

The Lech
The Cursed Boy
The Lost Prince
The Student President
The Unlucky Guy
The Spineless One
The Photographer
The Hero

The Ogre
The Jealous Woman
The Schoolgirl
The Cross-Dresser
The Tomboy
The Amazon
The Cook
The Gymnast
The Pirate
The Princess
The Policewoman
The Mad Scientist
The Priestess
The Spoiled Brat
The Golddigger
The Android
The Goddess
The Matchmaker
The Rich Girl
The Demoness
The B*tch
The Clone
The Den Mother
The Snow Queen
The Warrior
The Schizo
The Catwoman
The Reporter
The Heroine
The Shrine Maiden
The Villainess
The P. H. D. C.
The Cyborg
The Video Date
The Singer
The UberCute
The Gender-Changer
The Valkyrie
Secret Agent Alpha
Secret Agent Omega
The Tinkerer
The Destroyer

Matchmaker (X4)
Cut In(X4)
There Can Be Only One
Fickle Heart(X4)
Love Stinks(X4)
Fuzzy Ears are Fashionable(X2)
Only Human(X2)
Little Black Book(X4)
True Love(X2)
Faux Pas(X4)
Rico Suave(X2)
Marriage Party(X2)
Violins & Cherry Blossoms
Running Away Screaming
L. J. B. F.(X4)
Not Meant to Be(X2)

Status: In second round of beta tests, with updated cards. Email us for information about beta-testing. Accepting art submissions, but not currently seeking them actively.

Thanks to play-testers: James Holzhauer, Joseph Nagle, Skip Wyatt, James Kent, Chris Pineau, Lorne "Bear" Naff, Meredith C. Patterson, Matt Jeffers, Bob Badeaux, Scott Colosimo, Stuart Chester, Nehamiah White, Trudy Haley, Laura Alerta, James Gilbreath, Phillip Prochaska, C. J. Miller, Shaheen Righy, Dustin Davenport & Chris Williams.

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