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Maid Attack was WLP's second attempt to publish a general-audiences comic in the mass market. Unfortunately only the first issue was printed due to low sales, but the remainder of the series was posted as a webcomic from November 2003 to April 2005.

Katharine Golt is the Champion Hunter- famous for entering fighting tournaments for the sole purpose of collecting the first-place trophy. But when a mysterious figure challenges her in the street, she must return to her strangest tournament yet- MAID ATTACK the fighting tournament solely for... maids! Can she win out with her dignity intact... to say nothing of her body and her best friend?

Issue #1 is available for order here... or you can get it FREE with any order from WLP's online stores while supplies last! (A print-quality PDF version of the entire story will be made available sometime in 2014.)

Click here for the beginning of Issue #2
Click here for the beginning of Issue #3
Click here for the beginning of Issue #4

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